Fish Monger Docks

I usually don't care what other people do but when you leave your ship parked at the fish mongers sometimes they are next to impossible to get to especially if you are in a britanina ship could we please make it so any ship left parked at a dock with fish monger is moved after XXX number of mins?
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  • poppspopps Posts: 3,979
    It was my understanding that there was code which would by default move out at Sea any Ship which had been left, unattended, too close to the Docks....

    Something like what happens at the Floating Emporium where, if one leaves a Ship within a certain range of it, it gets moved out at Sea, automatically....

    Do I remember it wrongly ?
  • NikardNikard Posts: 164
    They do get moved, but there are so many left, that they form a giant ring around the 'area you get moved to.'
  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,702
    If you are needing to get to the docks to do the fishmonger quests, you can recall to the fishmonger and turn in the quest when you are in the same server. The only one you have to get close to is the floating emporium. And the ones that get moved at the floating emporium, don't block a way to get in. There is always room around the bouys to navigate to there.

    Here is an example of the route you can take while doing the fishmonger quests.
  • MargeMarge Posts: 722
    Floating Docks, Zento, and the area around Magincia / New Haven are the only places that I know that the ships will be moved after a certain time period.

    I follow pretty much the same path that Cinderella shows above. Speeds things up a bit. (Until you get the crustacean order for the only one you don't have stocked.)
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