prepatch 2 slot nightmares jumping to 3 slots in the stable

GraceGrace Posts: 145
At least two of us have recently seen our 2 slot mares inexplicably jump from 2 to 3 slots in the stable.
I believe it may be when they bond they jump.  

I bought mine as a 2 slot, did not train it at all, and simply took it out to bond it. I don't know if when it bonded it was the exact moment it jumped, but before it bonded it was still a 2 slot for sure.

I had not skill trained that mare nor pushed the training button, it was simply idling in the stable since purchase.

I know you guys changed the newer vollems in a crystal from 2 to 3 slots. Did you recently do something to the old nightmares? Intended or a bug?

Thank you for any insight @Kyronix


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