Smith and Tailor Bods : Poor Design on Rewards

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Generally the bod systems were designed to give better rewards as you went higher up on the 'difficulty' for the bods.   

On the Tailor side 4 piece bods give less rewards than 5 piece bods etc.  As you use the 'tougher to get' leather the more points. 

However you have an outlier in Bone Armor.  You get the same amount of points for bone armor as you do studded armor larges - both 4 pieces.  However - bone armor is harder to craft and requires bones and leather.  It should have a higher point value.  In addition it gives less than leather armor larges and those are much less resources to fill. Yes, two more bod for a 6 piece but I'd rather do a 6 piece Female or Male leather than a Bone 5 piece all day long.  Bone is hard to make EX whereas 6 piece male is 100% EX at 120 tailor.  In between you have 5 piece cloth.  They give better rewards than the 4 piece normal leather and cloth is super easy and cheap to craft.  

Difficulty should be :   Cloth 4 << Cloth 5 << Footwear 4 << Studded 4 << Bone 4 <<Leather 6.  

In addition to the point madness on Tailor - Footwear fits into Cloth smalls (makes no sense) and also has its own large bods from normal to barbed leather.  That makes footwear smalls used for TWO different bod larges.  They dont' drop 2x as much so you never get enough footwear to fill your bods.  You are best to just throw out the footwear larges and use them for the cloth 4 and 5 piece larges instead.  

On the smith side they setup the point system based on Ring easiest, Chain second, Plate next in terms of who knows what - armor scarcity?   Well, chain only has 3 smalls while ring is 4 and plate is 6.   Ring should give more points than chained as it requires more bods to complete and more resources.  Both Ring and Chain are 100% EX to craft at 120 smith.   You are better off tossing the ring bods and only doing chain bods. More point value for less work, less bods and less ingots.  I haven't the slightest idea why Chain gives more points for 3 bods instead of Ring with 4. 

Messed up point system that should get fixed.  


  • Agree 100%. I doubt many bother with bone due toall fails for exeptional, even if the rewards are ok to me.  Ring and chain should change place. The +5 10 and 15 scrolls could need less points as new training crafters could use them till the +20 is affordable, and i doubt anyone bind the lower as it takes sooo mano low ones and we can get shadow ans copper runics instead, and lots of them.
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    And again, I think you have presented this really well, and can only agree with you.

    With Bone BODs, I put them in their own separate books by armour part, and leave them at the bottom of the pile for a rainy day, you are right, I'm in no hurry to do them, I have tons of them.

    The Footwear thing, again, yes good point, Footwear BODs are so valuable, again, they have their own books, because they are required all over the place, and harder to get.

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    You are 100% right when it come to Bone BODs that is why I just drop them on the ground.
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    I also think they need to reexamine the smithing rewards (and perhaps tailoring).  With the hammers really only a handful are really useful.  Worse yet, the higher end ones are in most aspects inferior to the lesser ones.
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    And I can't edit this anymore but I mispoke on the Bone being 4 - its a five piece just like studded but my point still stands - its harder to complete than a studded and should get more points. Cloth 5 piece should still be less than footwear 4 piece.  Cloth so much cheaper and easier to procure than leather. 

    Difficulty should be :   Cloth 4 << Cloth 5 << Footwear 4 << Studded 5 << Bone 5 <<Leather 6.  
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    So I decided to do some math.  I calculated the leather and bone cost per large bod group assuming you made all EX pieces and then I did another that calculated how much leather you are likely to use since you will make some non EX junk.   Note that I did NOT factor in any talisman that would reduce these numbers.  Yes, you can wear a Tali to bring the leather costs down but even with a 20% or greater EX tali you won't get to 100% since you need up to 47% EX bump for the bone armor.    You actually use a little less leather for bone but you have to use the bones as well.  Leather 6 piece is by far less consumption (male) than either bone or studded 5 pieces. 

    I calculated a Qty 10, Qty 15 and Qty 20 large. 

    At a 20 large - Bone requires 1412 leather, 860 bones,  Studded 1505 Leather, Leather 6 piece male 700 leather.  

    Choice is obvious for bod rewards.  Male and female 6 piece - yes!  Studded maybe. Bone - only if you are desperate.  

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