Armoire -- auto-shut shut-off?

I just noticed something.  I have a house in Baja and one in Origin.  The armoires in my Baja house stay open indefinitely, just like normal storage containers.  However the ones in my Origin house will auto-shut after about 10 seconds.  That can be very annoying if it is being used to store numerous things.  Is there a way to disable the auto-shut "feature"?

Rock (formerly Imperterritus VXt, Baja)


  • RockRock Posts: 567
    I gathered some more information:

    Noting that the Origin armoire was of normal quality, I thought, "Ah hah!  Maybe the Baja one is exceptional."  So I crafted an exceptional oak one, and tested that.  Nope, still auto-shuts.  That's when I went to Baja and gathered all the information I could.

    • Baja: Ash, marked, Exceptionally Crafted, facing east, located on 3rd floor of house, stays open indefinitely
    • Origin: Oak, Normal Quality, facing south, located on 1st floor, auto-shuts

    So I replicated every environmental difference I could on Origin.  A marked, exceptional ash armoire was crafted.  I brought it to 3rd floor and faced it east.  And ... it still auto-shuts.  The earlier Baja test had been repeated when gathering the info, and it still remains open indefinitely.  So there was not a one-time fluke experienced prior to the OP.  About the only factor I can think that might be different is that since the Baja one was constructed, the behavior of armoires changed.  But I don't think so; I remember them auto-shutting decades ago.  The one other possibility is that there is a method to force an armoire to change its behavior and remain open just as any other container does.  If so, what is that method?

    Rock (formerly Imperterritus VXt, Baja)
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    I noticed the same thing happening yesterday as well. Mine are freshly crafted armoires (one crafter about a week ago and the other crafted this past weekend.

    Was a bit annoying.

    And this was on Lake Superior.
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