no spawn in covetous lvl 3

Max_BlackoakMax_Blackoak Posts: 489
On Siege Perilous covetous lvl 3 suddenly has no monsters at all, nothing.
The only thing that is still there is Cora downstairs but upstairs where we usually find lots of monsters is completely empty.
Please bring back the monsters spawn there.


  • Max_BlackoakMax_Blackoak Posts: 489
    the monsters spawn is back now... weird...
  • Max_BlackoakMax_Blackoak Posts: 489
    and after server up the monsters are all gone again. Something is seriously messed up here. Please investigate
  • Max_BlackoakMax_Blackoak Posts: 489
    ...and the spawn is back again. Almost like someone has to manually flip the switch and is a couple of hours late every day
  • BleakBleak Posts: 127Dev
    We are aware of this issue and are working to resolve it.
  • TimTim Posts: 605
    Well it takes time to check them all for a fever before they start their shift. 

    Sorry couldn’t resist 
  • Lord_FrodoLord_Frodo Posts: 270
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