RBG Updated Points 3-29-20

EM RoenickEM Roenick Posts: 182Event Moderator
Greetings all - Here is an updated sheet for points.  Everyone who is not on the list is below 5 points and to many to list.  I will be holding an advancement ceremony in the next coming month or two for people who have enough points to receive an item in the correct patch they have chosen.  If you would like to change paths email me to get that changed or to join a path to receive an item when its time.  uoemroenick@gmail.com.  

Keenbadger  13  Stone
Morganna  13  Rose
Bragi Hildrskald  12  Rose
Bretwalda  12  Stone
Gash  11  Stone
Maint Alter  11  Rose
Glorfindel  10  Stone
Jag  9  Stone
Pan  9  Rose
Zora  8  Stone
Captain Sinbad  8  Rose
Poor Boy  8  Stone
Mystical Dee  8  Rose
Soren  7  Rose


  • Thank you. Are you still trying to put together New Uniforms ? Have you decided on a RBG Base also ?
  • EM RoenickEM Roenick Posts: 182Event Moderator
    I have put the uniforms on display in Castle Blackthorns Courtyard.   I will be using the courtyard for a base for the time being as its easier for me to take roll call and distinguish between people and pets.  I have also posted the rank system and how many points to obtain each item when we do the Rank Promotions in June.
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