multiclienting idocs still?

People are still mulitboxing idocs I thought this whole new decay was suppose to stop that and there are never any GMs on for when people to report I think its time to start hiring GMs that will be active
so at fel idocs are just suppose to let the people kill us while hitting loot boxes on another account I don't see how that's fair at all? what can you and us players do to help this problem because right now its silly to do idocs in fel and tram and tokuno and malas unless you want me to make EJ accounts and start multiboxing to level the playing field?


  • NorryNorry Posts: 497
    My understanding is ej cant get loot from barrels(per patch notes, have not varified)
    As for fel, hire pvpers.

    Anywhere else, be within 2 tiles of a barrel you did damage to when it breaks. paid accounts, and your auto attack keeps going(most of us have more than 1 account now.)Good luck.
  • MordredMordred Posts: 102
    @Konvict you really need to learn the game, before say anything like that!
    I was there as well, with 2 accounts punching and 1 PK, just like Norry said, when you 2x click the barrel you toon will stay hitting the barrels non stop, you can just have another account open doing the same thing and have a 3rd, 4th Paid account doing the same thing and another PK, that is not multibox, that is multi client, no one is afk and after barrel is broken the loot go to your backpack ,  There is nothing wrong or ilegal on any of that!. People were talking BS on Gen chat about putting fields, Poison fields and Earthquake, well Bad News for you, this is Felucca and a large PVP Guiild will control Idocs and there is nothing you can do other than try to fight back or Die, or just stay away from Fel Idocs.
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    Did one on LS last night.  Was a lot of fun.  I am glad they changed it so we know the exact time and location.  Barrels need to have more HP. They break way to fast.

    I am not glad they delete resources(deeds), vet rewards etc.  I got a halloween goul statuette so I was happy.
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    @Konvict Why are you doing IDOCs in Fel when you have zero clue on how to defend yourself or a better question is why are you in Fel at all?  Was this new IDOC suppose to make Fel a non PvP place, I missed that memo.
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