I Need a Railiing on My Patio!

Hey all! I'm building my house and have a couple of patios but I can't find anywhere to make a railing so peeps don't fall over the edge! Is this something I do after committing the house, like get an architect to build something or am I overlooking something on the design menu?

Any help greatly appreciated.
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  • TimStTimSt Posts: 1,018

    There are fences that look like railings in the house customerizer under fencing of the miscellaneous stuff.

  • CityKittyCityKitty Posts: 60
    I will go try that. Thank you!
    "If you ain't the lead dog, the view never changes."
  • if none of the fences/railings look nice to you (they're sometimes clunky) you can use the very short pieces of your wall or place blocking items - some items when placed on the tile on the floor below will also prevent falling off, like hedges
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