500 Fellowship Items on Vendors

Hello collector people,

I just put 500 Fellowship items on vendors on Pacific. Not much of a collector myself, so whatever is left at the end of the event will be used to train imbuing on an alt!

Hopefully this will help someone out there complete their set...


  • Where at? I'm happy to see there are some vendors around, tho it's not like the old days. If you know of any vendor places I would be very happy to know that info.
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  • My vendors are in the eastern high plains north of Minoc.

    I just use Vendor Search to find stuff, don't really keep track of individual vendors. Although @Kirthag does run a bunch out of the first castle east of the Yew moongate.
  • Pacific collector peeps...

    Full sets of Leather, Studded, Ring, Chain, Leaf, Hide, Woodland, Gargish Plate (both styles), and Gargish Stone (both styles), are now on vendors.

    I used legacy containers, so CC users should be able to view vendors/containers.

    Where possible I put together the sets so that all the pieces are matching in quality (all pieces are minor magic item, etc.) and in container position (all pieces point left, etc.) It didn't always work perfectly, but I think there is one full set of Minor Magic Item laying in the same direction for each of the above armor types.

    Going to try to add Tokuno gear and Cloth/Leather Garg stuff tomorrow.

    Good luck Pac!
  • Well, I hope you all enjoyed the gear!

    Gargish Cloth (2 styles) and Gargish Leather (2 Styles) along with Ninja and Leather/Studded/Plate Samurai are up on the Fellowship Set vendors. That's the last of my sets.

    My thanks to whomever gave me the 8 fellowship coins for free to get me started on this event. I've collected some more fellowship coins over the past couple weeks and they are now on the vendors for free as well!

    Have fun out there Pac....
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