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    @Kyronix @Bleak

    Re: Shrine Battles, specifically the Necromancer version and Unholy Touch

    The Necromancer Captain has an ability that lowers a player's skills when affected by it. This same ability is also seen on other powerful Necromancer's, such as Primeval Lich and Juo'nar.

    Publish 60 lists this ability as Unholy Touch:

    "Unholy Touch: The Lich’s touch will occasionally corrupt the player’s soul, temporarily draining some of his skills and attribute"

    There are a couple concerns with this ability that I believe will cause some major issues when this patch goes live and should be preemptively addressed.

    This ability will reduce a tamer's skills enough for their trained pet to fail all commands given to it (120 skill is reduced to 102). Even with high resisting spells, 120 skills are still reduced to around 108, which is enough for pets to repeatedly fail commands.

    The main issue with the above, is that there is no debuff icon for this ability or journal message. The only way to notice you are affected by this ability is to view your status change spam in the CC, or to have your Skill Tracker open in EC and actually notice the skill changes.

    These type of skill debuff abilities can be pretty dangerous with how much players now invest into their pets. I would suggest one of the following be done:

    1. Add a debuff icon when affected by Unholy Touch, in addition to a journal message. Players need to know when they are affected by this.


    2. Simply remove this ability from being used.

    This would be a huge quality of life improvement, as adding a debuff icon for this ability would also affect everywhere this ability is used, including the aforementioned Primeval Lich spawn and Juo'nar, as well as EM Event bosses, Blackthorn Captains, Shrine Captains and anywhere else this ability may appear.
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    outch no turn in for minor drop prepare to receive a batch of tomatoes and laituce devs
  • Are these features/fixes still going to be in this publish?  Wondering if they were just not mentioned.

    1 - Auctions Safes will now be auto-renewable
    2 - Mannequins can now equip items "owned by no one" without disappearing.

    Also I hope Artisan Festival starts on time or is extended past January 1st so each city is given enough time to get Stars on their trees.

    Thank you
  • Does the Cloak of the Virtuous have any stats?  @Pawain @Kyronix ;
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    Does the Cloak of the Virtuous have any stats?  @ Pawain @ Kyronix 

    Maybe it will convert to any other cloak.  :)
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    The bit that worries me in this update is:
    Mobs spawned as part of Shrine Battles will now be leashed to their creation location

    How long is the leash?  The only way I could solo these was by separating out the captains so I could do them one at a time.  I'm all for them not being able to be dragged miles away, and a leash like those on treasure maps, where you can split them up will be fine, but a leash like the DF's in Doom where you can't have one without the others will make them infinitely more difficult.
  • Ah that worried me as well :|
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    wrong area.
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    Kyronix did not list the cloak and tabard as something to discuss in this thread, and I realize that fashion issues are not high on anyone's to-do list... but they are a part of Jolly Roger so I thought I would mention it anyway. As a role player, dressing up my character for certain roles and playing the part is a big chunk of what I enjoy in MMOs. These 2 additions have no properties, and are strictly cosmetic. Their cosmetic appearance should therefor be a consideration.

    Only a little sliver of the Cloak of Virtue appears on the female paperdoll in EC for regular faces, and not at all for any of the the other body types. (Vampire is pictured, but I tested them all.) On the EC play field, the front view of the cloak is mostly covered by the tabard, and all other robe slot items. It works nicely with most shirt items. The layering is good on the back side. I would love to see an imbuable neck slot version of this item one day, so that it could be worn with a hood and full cloak as is the style.

    The tabard is a lovely addition to the wardrobe, but almost nothing else can be worn with it in EC. Since it takes the robe slot, that removes all dresses and robes from being worn under it. Every single shirt that I have tried layers on top of the tabard, most likely because they all go in the sash slot. The exceptions are the fancy shirt and elven shirts, which are the only shirts that actually fits in the shirt slot. As has already been mentioned in a previous post, the tabard completely removes the graphic for anything in the arm slot. That mechanic is fine for things like dresses, but a tabard is often worn with armor and looks odd with an armored chest piece and exposed arms.

    The leather ninja jacket is the only imbuable chest piece I have found that works well with the tabard.

    On a side note, Gargoyles have been almost completely excluded from the new equipables.

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    The layering issue with Arm Armor is actually fixed on Baja, I was pleasantly surprised! (I think you are on TC for the above, correct me if I'm wrong).

    Your other concerns are still valid as it relates to the Baja publish.

    The Cloak of the Virtuous on the EC paperdoll seems to layer under everything, including chest pieces. I didn't even notice the alternate face issue, but I traded it to one of my characters that uses the undead face and the Cloak is not visible at all, even completely naked.

    Layering with the Sash slot and the Belt slot are things we started to notice on Baja when looking at the Tabards on our characters. I'd love to see the Tabard as the top-level item in most cases, as it is very nice looking and really shouldn't be covered. Belts and Aprons overlapping it definitely detract from the look of it (EC and CC). A sash over the top of it doesn't look bad, but the fact that all surcoats and tunics overlap it is really unfortunate.

    I imagine individual items can have different laying applied without messing up other items that use the same slot -- an example would be Hawkwind's Robe; this covers sashes/tunics, whereas the Tabard doesn't.
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  • Tanager, always showin off, running 'round half-nekkid.
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    The tabard is available on Baja? How is it obtained? I was thinking it was rewarded at the end of the event, or something along those lines.
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    Do the Captains and their minions fill Soulbinders? Wondering if I need to put my alchemist back to work...
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    I was actually mistaken about the Tabard + Sleeves issue being fixed, it is not. It appears only Platemail Arms show correctly when the Tabard is equipped (which happened to be the arms my character was using on Baja). It seems all other sleeves still disappear when the Tabard is worn.

    Tested and confirmed issue with (both male and female):
    - Leather Sleeves
    - Studded Sleeves
    - Ringmail Sleeves
    - Bone Arms
    - Leather Hiro Sode
    - Studded Hiro Sode
    - Platemail Hiro Sode
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    If I transfer a character with one tabard can she earn the additional kills from the 7 other shrines on s different shard to get the cloak?
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