Taming question

Should I do 6x120 tamer or is there something better out?
Taming 120


  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,703
    this is what my tamer is...

    I know some will also have spellweaving
  • I prefer...

    120 tame
    120 lore
    120 mage
    120 eval
    55 necro (60)
    80 ss (120)
    105 vet

    I add to necro and ss with items.  Works for me ;)
  • UrgeUrge Posts: 1,233
    Depends what you're doing. For simple kills you can't go wrong with the discord tamer. It allows for lesser quality luck suits.

    Mage 100+
    Tame 120
    Lore 120
    Vet 80+
    Music 120
    Discord 120
    Leaves 60 points for med. 
  • NorryNorry Posts: 521
    Even better, you onky need 226 total between lore and taming to have full control(99%) of a pet(more only reduces cost of masteries, and gives stable slots), so you could free up points to use more skills.

    Currently working on an archer tamer.
    35 tame and lore, 25 archery.(jewels)
    80 tame and lore,90 archery.(250)
    80 chiv(330), 60 tactics(390) , 90 vet(480), healing and anat 90(660) 60 magery(720)

  • BruceBruce Posts: 27
    I have a couple tamer builds I use often.

    My main is all 120's same as yours, except instead of eval, I have Spellweaving. With max did on your equipment and a good focus, word of death does a lot of damage. Plus there are lots of other boosts to damage and healing with sw, as well as a panic button to authored either yourself or your pet.

    I also run a stealth herder,
    120 taming, lore, magery, med,
    100 hiding, stealth, and herding.

    I can isolate and take pretty much anything with him.
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