Europa needs a new hamster!



  • psychopsycho Posts: 229
    yup its down again - 03.oct :'(
  • MariahMariah Posts: 2,070Moderator
    RockStaR said:
    was moving rares from one house to another this time... and then the server went down... hopefully nothing was lost... this is pretty bad. i know its gonna revert though and have to do everything again... this is pretty bad when nothing is being done about it... this needs to be compensated.

  • CookieCookie Posts: 913
    Whoever is doing this, pin their character down at Yew Gate Felucca, and let us reskill them a few million times.... :)
  • RockStaRRockStaR Posts: 168
    @Cookie heh. at least this is a founded complaint.. some others are doing alot more whining.
  • RockStaRRockStaR Posts: 168
    @Cookie not naming any names.... but the newest person complaining all the time, is staring to seem like he's the one who shouldn't be named. ahem... mervyn
  • *sigh* Did we have a new hamster for 12 days or so? Seems its worn out already..
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