If one has 100.0 Hiding, is there any reason to have 120 Stealth ?

The bottom question is, what is the "minimal" Stealth skill at which the skill "check" is succesfull 100% of times ?

Because, as I understand, the higher the Stealthing skill the more steps one can make before a new Hiding check and Stealth check is done.

But, if Hiding is 100.0, then the Hiding is check successfull all the time (barred revealing enemies, of course), so, "if" also the Stealth check can be 100% succesfull at a skill lower then 120.0, I do not see the point to have stealth going all the way up to 120.0 (and also having to spend the money for a Stealthing powerscroll...).

So, what is the Stealth that one should aim to have so that the Stealth check will be 100% succesfull '



  • UrgeUrge Posts: 1,181
    I don't think there is 100% now. At gm I get revealed a ton around mobs and pets. 

    Has been this way since the taming publish. 
  • TimStTimSt Posts: 1,759

    I get virtually 100% success stealth at 90 stealth with 100 hiding.  I've walked through the heart of Khaldun level 4 spawn without getting revealed.

  • UrgeUrge Posts: 1,181
    TimSt said:

    I get virtually 100% success stealth at 90 stealth with 100 hiding.  I've walked through the heart of Khaldun level 4 spawn without getting revealed.

    I run 90 with plus skill. Also 100% but I get revealed a lot, by silly things such as eagles.
  • Wearing anything heavier than leather armor will add to the likelihood of stealth being broken. It doesn't mean stealth will break; it means that anything heavier than leather is adding a stressor against ones stealth skill that otherwise wouldn't be there.

    Assuming one is wearing leather or lighter articles, 80 stealth is enough to stealth continuously with no issues outside of being passively (or directly) revealed. I have heard 75 is suitable, however, when I relied on minimal stealth, I tended to settle at 80 just in case.

    Also, bear in mind that stealth has other areas of usefulness which are served by having 120 skill (Ninjitsu's Deathstrike damage is modified by stealth, the ability to run a number of steps more while stealthed, it is among those skills which can potentially contribute to a mana cost discount when combined with other skills... there may be a few more).

  • Minimum stealth requirement for 100% success rate:
    Medable armor: 75 stealth
    Studded armor: 105 stealth

    That is for the skill requirement so your skill will not fail because your armor is "too cumbersome".

    Then there are sources outside of your own character that have an influence:

    Tracking and/or detect hidden on players and creatures (both, passive and active) - the higher your stealth skill, the harder you will be to track and/or detect.
    This is what @Urge experiences when stealthing past eagles - eagles and crows especially are known to have high detect hidden and will passively reveal you very often when you stealth by. Higher stealth skill will help with staying hidden.

    As @fonsvitae correctily mentioned:
    deathstrike damage is influenced by stealth skill, as is the special moves mana cost reduction and the number of steps a character can run while in stealth mode (steps to the next skill check/2) before facing another stealth check that will reveal the character if he keeps running.
    At 120 stealth you can run 12 steps without being revealed, at 105 it will be 10 and at 75 it will be 7.

    On top of what has been mentioned stealth also has an effect on the ninjitsu mastery ability shadow. The higher your stealth, ninjitsu and mastery, the more difficult it becomes to reveal you by doing damage to you (e.g.: area damage).
  • NonelNonel Posts: 26
    Max covered everything well.

    I've always tried to run 120 stealth on my thieves (especially in factions) pretty much since pub 16. The extra run steps is nice and the extra damage you can take without being revealed has always been considerable, even before the shadow mastery. 120 stealth has always been the best way to escape a mage gank squad or sneak through a grinder.
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