Huntmasters Recipes

dried herbs are needed for fresh seasoning, which is in 2 of the huntmaster recipes
and dried herbs are in another.
At GM there is only 50% chance to make and they are hard to come by.
Is there any way you can add these to a NPC?


  • PawainPawain Posts: 6,538
    I Finally gathered enough stuff to make Ribs.I was able to make 1.

    Had to bring Sugar and Herbs from LS.  I could only get 5 herbs donated.

    It takes 3 Dried Herb to make 1 seasoning.  Needs to be 1 to 1. Also need a better way to get Dried herbs.

    Took 4 hours to gather and copy stuff.  We need to be able to copy to TC hourly not daily.

  • This is unfortunately the way they made everything in HS. Very hard to make and expensive , Very very time consuming for rewards not worth it. Consept was fine, thats the most sad thing , as it has not been worth doing after a short time. Im talking Fish monger quests, pies, lobster trapping, hooks Charybdis .. I really hope the old things get better balanced atleast, and not more dissapointing things added  :|  
  • MissEMissE Posts: 774
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    What is the point of these new recipes?  Or are they just more junk like gingerbread cookies and meat pies? In other words you can make em but they have no use nor fit a bod nor have any value other than a cook can make em?  

    Cheers MissE

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  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,490
    well if there is a buff or anything like that, I wouldn't know.
    dried herbs is too hard to come by.

    if I ever got the supplies to make them, I would use them for deco.
    BBQ dino ribs would look awesome on the BBQ smoker
  • KyronixKyronix Posts: 973Dev
    @ Kyronix
    dried herbs are needed for fresh seasoning, which is in 2 of the huntmaster recipes
    and dried herbs are in another.
    At GM there is only 50% chance to make and they are hard to come by.
    Is there any way you can add these to a NPC?

    I'm apprehensive to put the dried herbs on an NPC for sale - they are one of the few valuable things a thief can go around stealing these days.  

    Also consider there are skill talisman to boost your success chances, as well as protection against moving materials - when implementing new recipes we have to consider these items exist within the game world. 

    That being said I will have a look at the recipe for fresh seasoning.  Thanks for the feedback!
  • TanagerTanager Posts: 634
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    You could make the herbs spawn in all provisioner or alchemy shop containers, not just ONE shop in all the land. You don't actually need much stealing to get them. A couple good jewels is more than enough, and there are other items that add even more skill.

    From my testing, the dried herbs were never consumed on failure to craft. I might have been lucky tho. I would like to add my vote to make these crafted items have more than a decorative function. It is disappointing to do a round of thieving and only get 1 herb and 15 flowers or garlic - I would love if those had a recipe also!

    New content is great, but using older items in new recipes revives the old content, so that more areas of the game remain relevant even at ''end game levels''. I think the new recipe ought to have at least one extra stat, however, as incentive to upgrade it. I LOVE the new belt styles, but the crimmy versions need an upgraded mod imo. Vile tentacles are easy enough to get, but the lodestones are a pain. Please consider using a different material.
  • LilyGraceLilyGrace Posts: 555
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    I went searching for the dried herbs on my home shard rather than TC. It's been a long while since I've stolen from crates but it didn't take too long before I had all the chests in both Trammel and Felucca Herbal Splendor shops emptied and spawning the stealables. Things start to go a bit faster after you've unlocked all the crates and taken care of the traps. If you keep going you rarely have the traps resetting.

    In about two hours of covering both shops I ended up with 23 Dried Flowers of one type, 20 of the other, 22 Dried Onion, and 26 Dried Herbs. 

    I appreciate reaching back into the game to offer Town Rogues a way to earn a little gold. My husband and I don't do a lot with vendors but with what little we do it would be nice to be able to put items like town stealables on the vendor menu. I agree with Tanager. I'd like to see the other items serve a purpose as well. And adding new items to town chests that other players would be interested in obtaining would be so great!

    That said, I can also appreciate if an item like the dried herbs are greatly sought after, and rogues are bumping elbows in the Herbal Splendor shop, it might be a good thing to add locations where they'll spawn. I'd rather see that go slowly, after getting some idea of the demand. Than to have them spawn so prolifically they end up being of no real value to rogues.

    I can't understand being upset by revisiting the past on this system. There's so much that's already in place to work with. Why not breathe new life into it?

    Edit: P.S. It could take awhile for the herbs to even be needed on production shards if, since the herbs are stackable, there are large amounts already horded. 

  • VioletViolet Posts: 355
    I decided to try out the spawns of herbs on a thief character.

    After a couple chest resets I ended up with 13 herbs, 18 onions, 10 dried flowers style 1, and 14 dried flowers style 2.  

    I don't think the amount of herbs required for the recipe needs to be lowered.

    I appreciate old items are being included in new content, it would be great to see more of it.

  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,490
    I've been so busy with other templates, that I've never really given the time to a thief. 
    And I was actually going by the numbers of dried herbs that my friends have, that actually have thief chars... So yesterday I spent a lil time with my thief char (mid level stealing skill).  I actually got 10 of them in maybe an hours time (excluding time between switching chars).

    so its not as bad as I thought it would be... 
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