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so i just found out you cannot remove mage armor from a blessed item why? i bought a blessed woodland item and i would like to remove the mage armor property from it so they tell me it cannot be done??? cant they just allow this to be done why am i being penalized for having an item blessed cant be refined cant get higher lmc this has me extremely upset 
  1. removal of mage armor from blessed items4 votes
    1. would you like to be able to remove mage armor from an item that has been blessed
    2. Keep it the same


  • hunter11hunter11 Posts: 223
    is there any plans to fix this can you remove the bless from the item can anything be done?
  • hunter11hunter11 Posts: 223
    please be proactive about fixing this 
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    delete this no longer needed i dont care 
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    Honestly there shouldn't be any restrictions against Adding Or Removing 'mage-armor' from any item.

    1) it's 250k each time one does this, there's also a pretty bad inflation problem.

    2) Medible items cannot be refined, so have refinements removed if Mage-Armor is added back to an item that is already refined. would allow one to take refinements off an item if they so choose.

    3) Blessed items cannot have Mage-Armor removed, thus the blessed item is unable to be refined.  (I swore I removed mage-armor from one of my gladiator's collars, not sure how long this has been a thing)

    @kyronix, you guys could knock out 3 birds with one stone, by allowing "mage-armor" to be added & removed from any item costing the player 250k gold each and everytime, while simultaneously acting as a Refinement Removal option for those who don't want refined armor as well.

    Sounds like a win-win-win to me!  :D
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    Just playing devils advocate.

    You could argue that when something is “Blessed” it is sacred and shouldn’t be altered, not sure if you can enhance blessed items, if someone would like to test if you can enhance blessed things with special material then I would agree with this being a bug. But at the end of the day, item bless deeds no longer spawn.
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  • hunter11hunter11 Posts: 223
    you can remove mage armor just cant be done in new haven must be done in moonglow only way around it
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    hunter11 said:
    you can remove mage armor just cant be done in new haven must be done in moonglow only way around it
    So you did not even go to the  NPC that does this action?

    There is also one in britain.
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    "It seems that the OPs guildmaster of choice was unfortunate,
    it seems that new haven being a new player town is unique that it does not allow you to give away blessed items (to players or NPCs) as a safeguard to new players, i'm glad this complex issue has been resolved and it seems all is working as intended

    I'm not sure why Misk did not inform the OP of this back in 2019 when he was clearly fustrated"

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    Ya probably a good idea.
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    Indeed, it should be possible to strip mage armor from any item, including transmogrified items.  Afterall, there are some items that you could strip mage armor off *prior* to the transmog, so you should be able to strip after transmog too.  Removing mage armor has material bonus tradeoffs, so it's no free lunch.

    *adding* mage armor to any item has a limitation -- too many properties (5?) and you can't add mage armor as it is.

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