Every Houre Lost Connecting

whats happen with game..
Every houre I lost Game Connnecting.

I have my radio page up, and discord etc.. like always.
and no problem at all... 

Just Game Bam down every houre.
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  • PawainPawain Posts: 9,163
    Abuse of the Bamboo floors.
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  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    You are overloading your computer and it is shutting down the lowest priory program UO, LOL
  • King_GregKing_Greg Posts: 248
    What server?
  • IvenorIvenor Posts: 1,216
    Pawain said:
    Abuse of the Bamboo floors.
    @Pawain - You are not up to date!
    Remember that today "blame them for all the connection/lag problems" hot topic are the "Houses of Stairs"... :D ;)
  • MervynMervyn Posts: 2,208
    Check the full file check on the patch screen on login.

    Run command prompt as administrator type the system file checker command and press Enter : sfc /scannow.

    This is generic advice for technical issues and not specific to yours.
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  • TimStTimSt Posts: 1,810
    I had the EC hang on me a couple of times yesterday right after I used a rune stone on Atlantic.
  • jaytinjaytin Posts: 417
    A year or two ago I had a weird bug that made the EC crash almost exactly an hour after I started playing, every day it did it, finally I would turn the game off and restart when it got close to an hour, so at least I had some control, it was really frustrating! It just stopped doing it after a while, I have no idea what caused it. But I think the OP uses the CC so it's probably not the same thing.
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