Request for Test - No Mob Hoard/Trove in Tokuno - Please/Thank you!

Any chance we could get the No Mob map giving pillars for Hoard/Trove in Tokuno?

I'd like to test more this weekend, but would really like to stay with one facet. Soloing Hoard/Trove is going to take a ton of time, when what I'm really interested in is the division of loot by Facet/Profession (what from a facet is in each profession - are there Kasa's in Mage Cache/Hoard/Trove, how much Samurai armor is in Warrior Cache/Hoard/Trove, etc.) 

If not, no biggie, I'll just do more Caches, and try to test Hoard/Trove in Trammel.

Thank you!



  • KyronixKyronix Posts: 951Dev
    Dropped the dispensers in all facets.  Happy Testing!
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