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As promised, I'm starting this thread to begin discussions of the Royal Guard or Spies or Healers or combination going forward for Catskills. I want your feedback and that's why I'm opening this up well ahead of when I plan to start.  A couple of things that are set in stone:

1. Whatever we decide will kick off in July.
2. Advancements will be twice a year - January and July.
3. I have the final decision on how the program will run and, once decided, we won't debate it any longer for six months. At the end of the six month period, we'll evaluate how it's going and tweak as necessary.
4. Attendance will be taken at the start of each event. Once the first gate opens to the first battle/event start location (not Luna gate), attendance is closed. If you arrive late, we will have an alternate method for counting you as having attended. 
5. You will NOT need to be at every event to advance. There will be different rank requirements and you can progress at your own pace. 

Discussion items - 
1. I'm really not a strong military or warrior personality. I'm much more comfortable with healers, mages, etc. However, I want the program to recognize both play styles in some way. I'd like to have two paths. In July, when we start, you would need to pick one path and that's the progression you will follow.

2. While I want to do the Healer path, I want some feedback on how we want to go forward with the warrior type path. I know that Great Lakes does a Spies path while other shards do a military ranking. Ideally, I'd like both to follow the same overall advancement but have one say, for example, Healer Trainee/Spy Trainee, Healer Squad Leader/Spy Squad Leader, etc. Or Guard Trainee, Guard Leader. I think you get where I'm going on that. 
  • My thought would be that, when we kick off, I'll ask for a book with your character name and the path you want to follow. Once you pick a path, you stay with it. Should you choose to change paths, you'd start over at the lower level.
3. Advancements would be based on event attendance, participation and training completed. Training might be along the lines of an oracle quest, or a specific objective to be completed, or something to be retrieved or found. These training events would be outside of the bi-monthly events and done within a set period of time at your own pace.

4. I think part of the problem I have with the guards is how to establish a commander. To be honest, I'm comfortable with Taryn. I don't think I could do justice to a commander type of position. I don't think it would be fair to Catskills. The spy/healer combo would be more of a fit. I'm leaning toward that as well because I truly hate the idea of making the guard start over. 

For now, I'm going to stop here and ask for discussion. Depending on feedback, every bit of this is subject to change. Hopefully, this will get some ideas going and open and we can build on it from here. Please keep discussions civil and polite. We all have ideas and opinions and I really want your help building this. 


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    Thought - Catskills Militia?
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    I am game.
    I hope we all have a lot of fun!

    We started the RBG back in the day... it was always something special.
    No thoughts from my side... I just visit Catskills for the events and I am happy we have an EM.

    Best of luck to the new RBG!

    One Circle!

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    Hello. I am glad you are doing this. Everything is looking good right now. I do have a few questions though :

    2. Advancements will be twice a year - January and July. - Dram was good but very poor at communicating and updating. Do you plan on keeping a running updated tally on Cats EM Page so we can see where we are at or is it just 6 months and you get to know ? Will there be a page where we can see what and how many points we need ?

    * Is there going to be some type of uniform again or something that will let us know and show our rankings ? The last suit was great. It was shard bound and character bound, only problem is the mannequins ate the uniform so it couldn't be displayed if you wanted.

    Love the idea that Healers can get in on this and it's not all about fighting.

    EM Adris, Barnaby, and Dram all did the quests at your own pace. It was great that they did these. We had to file a report on what we learned, saw and characters we talked to. Will we have to do the same for these stand alone quests ? Please, please, don't have us file reports for fighting nights. It was extremely hard to try and take notes when your getting pounded on by critters and then be expected to file a report detailing the night.

    Using Taryn, would be fine. Just maybe put a piece of armor or two on her with a staff and she would be a fine Healer/Spy Type Leader until you can find/come up with a Strong Fighter type persona one.

    Really looking forward to this :)

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    1. I'm really not a strong military or warrior personality. I'm much more comfortable with healers, mages, etc. However, I want the program to recognize both play styles in some way. I'd like to have two paths. In July, when we start, you would need to pick one path and that's the progression you will follow.
    If this is the case then why not depart from the military/RBG concept altogether and form something completely different? So rather than some kind of RBG-ish setup you could have something like (these are just some examples):
    -adventurers guild (that seeks out any kind of adventure)
    -hunting club (that looks for big monsters to take down and inadvertently saves the world once in a while)
    -Taryn's Merry Band (I was just thinking of Robin Hood's merry men, sort of an informal outfit except in this case not outlaws)
    -botany enthusiasts (spreading the seeds of love and live and invariably becoming drawn into adventures in defense of the land that they seek to maintain)
    -a "fellowship of virtue" or something along those lines (that could easily have a healer/mage angle)
    -wandering healer order (devoted to wandering the land and coming upon adventure)
    -adventurers anonymous (a band of drunken revelers that meet at the tavern and adventure for ridiculous reasons and has completely absurd ranks and uniforms... okay this one is a stretch but I think it's funny)

    I'm not suggesting it has to be any of those, I'm just throwing things at at the wall. The basic idea is something very general that any type of template could fit into, and there are many possibilities. Ultimately go with what you are most interested in doing.
    Thought - Catskills Militia?
    Not a fan of anything with the shard in the name.
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    Thanks for the feedback! 

    @Deraj I really like the fellowship of virtue idea. That seems to me it would cover the principles of what we'd want the group to be and leaves open the two paths with multiple play styles. Still listening for other feedback but I like that.

    Ok, actually, I REALLY like the band of drunken revelers but that would probably get me fired. LOL That one just tickles me. And I love the idea of something totally different and unique.

    @Lord_Bytor Couple of answers - first, unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about the mannequin eating the uniforms. The requirements for any promotion item for these programs is that they are shard and character bound. Doing so makes it so they cannot be placed on mannequins. This has been discussed among the EM's and Developers but no solution has been found as yet. 

    As for reports, my thought would be to only require a report of some type for the "normal" events, if you arrive after the start, in other words, after I've "taken roll". I would require the name of your character in a book with the event date and, I'm thinking right now, you would need to say something to me when you arrive so that I can verify in my journal you were in attendance.

    There would be reports or some type of item(s) that needed to be turned in for any "on your own" training exercises. That's still to be determined but I think that requirement would have to be part of the overall exercise.

    As far as using the Catskills Event Website....I'm really not sure. I've take a hammer to it a few times and I still can't beat it into submission. I WILL communicate what the requirements/ranks are and I will tell everyone how far off they are. The method of that communication is still to be determined. 

    Hope that helps.

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    Discussion items - 
    1. I'm really not a strong military or warrior personality. I'm much more comfortable with healers, mages, etc. However, I want the program to recognize both play styles in some way. I'd like to have two paths. In July, when we start, you would need to pick one path and that's the progression you will follow. 
    Let me see if I can help you with the military side of this.  When a unit deploys, no matter what size, they try to think of everything that can go wrong and take as much equipment and personal along with them to get the job done.  Military personal wear many hats at the same time and even though warrior may be one of them some are EMTs (healer) and if mages were required I am sure that the military would find some way to train them up also.

    Now lets put this in UO perspective, any group going out to do battle should include all needed professions that may be needed to get the job done. 
    Depending on your mission type/duration group needs could be
    Fighters to kill the bad guys
    Healers to cure the wounded
    Mages to counteract any magic users that they may encounter
    Repairman to maintain equipment
    A char may be able to fill more than 1 requirement depending on your mission.

    The more people you have the easier it is for the bad guys to spot you so you need to decide what is more important and what is an acceptable loss rate is.

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    I think it would be nice to recognize different play styles, but you can't please everyone, and I think its important to focus on what you the EM appreciates most.  Not to diminish anyone else's ideas, but its my opinion that the military system has been exhausted.  Thus when I brainstorm the possibilities of a Royal Guard rank system centered around the Healer class, a few ideas come to mind.  Ideas that would benefit almost every class and play style.

    Healing is a noble pursuit, and should not be undervalued.  Not only does it help with the usual cuts, bruises and poisons, but can make the difference of life over death.  Death is an obscure concept in UO cause players never truly die, but in the heat of battle, survival makes life paramount for rewards.

    There are many ways to be healed and brought back to life in UO.  In doing so, many classes can be recognized for their efforts.  Here are some examples I can think of:

    -Alchemy Potions
    -Anatomy Assists Healing Skill
    -Chivalry Spells with even Remove Curses
    -Cooking has specialty foods that heal and cure
    -Crafters can make armor and weapons with regenerative properties
    -Healing Skill with Bandages
    -Inscription Creates Healing, Cure and Resurrection Spells
    -Magery Heal, Cure, and Resurrection Spell
    -Necromancy Spells with Life Steal effects
    -Peacemaking Mastery Spells Hit Point Regeneration
    -Spellweaving Gift of Renewal, Gift of Life
    -Spirit Speak 
    -Stealing from Monsters items that can be used for healing
    -Veterinarian skill with Bandages

    All this being said, when you heal a player or animal, you gain in Spirituality on the Path of Spirituality.  This recognizes that Healing is Spiritual.  When I think of healing and spirituality I think of priests of Mondain, Wandering Healers and the Monks of Empath Abbey.  Perhaps there are more NPCs who identify the benefits of healing and train the skill.

    Alright so rank titles and rewards should reflect real life application and in game play sets.  Here are my helpful suggestions, and I think every rank should be a Royal position in the Britannian Guard.  A player can perhaps choose in advance what profession they are pursuing.  Rewards are generally a wearable item, however could they not ALSO be a decorative item that reflects their profession? 

    If awarding by position related to healing at any level, here are some possibilities:

    Royal Apothecary of the Britannian Guard (Alchemy)
    -Reward Pestle & Mortar / Title Bag Of Reagents
    Royal Artisan of the Britannian Guard (All Crafters)
    -Reward Various Tools
    Royal Bard of the Britannian Guard (Musicianship/Peacemaking)
    -Reward Various Musical Instrument
    Royal Channeler of the Britannian Guard (Necromancy/Spirit Speaking)
    -Reward Skull Candle 
    Royal Druid of the Britannian Guard (Spellweaving)
    -Reward Arcane Circle
    Royal Jester of the Britannian Guard (Stealing)
    -Reward Old style Lockpicks
    Royal Paladin of the Britannian Guard (Chivalry)
    -Reward Hanging Armor
    Royal Physician of the Britannian Guard (Anatomy/Healing)
    -Reward Hanging Skeleton
    Royal Ranger of the Britannian Guard (Veterinary) 
    -Reward Hanging Bow & Arrows
    Royal Scholar of the Britannian Guard (Inscription)
    -Reward Big Open Book
    Royal Steward of the Britannian Guard (Cooking)
    -Reward Oven
    Royal Thaumaturgist of the Britannian Guard (Magery)
    -Reward Pentagram

    If awarding by rank according to healing in pursuit of Virtue on the Spiritual Path

    Level 1: Royal Initiate of the Britannian Guard
    Level 2: Royal Acolyte of the Britannian Guard
    Level 3: Royal Abbot or Priest of the Britannian Guard
    Level 3: Royal Abbess or Priestess of the Britannian Guard
    Level 3: Royal Monk of the Britannian Guard
    Level 4: Royal Prelate of the Britannian Guard
    Level 4: Royal Prior of the Britannian Guard
    Level 4: Royal Paladin of the Britannian Guard
    Level 5: Royal Preceptor of the Britannian Guard
    Level 5: Royal Protector of the Britannian Guard
    Level 6: Royal Standard Bearer of the Britannian Guard
    Level 6: Royal Templar Knight of the Britannian Guard

    I do think you've been given great feedback from everyone else, and these are just my suggestions.  Do what you wish and make it your own.  I look forward to attempting to participate family permitting.  I wish you the best of luck!
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    Nice ideas @Nails_Warstein Healing is a very noble endeavor and always needs recognition.
  • EM EchoEM Echo Posts: 165Event Moderator
    Great feedback. Keep em coming everyone. Getting some really good ideas from you all. Thank you!
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