Fishing Tournament for the month of March

EM RoenickEM Roenick Posts: 122Event Moderator
Greetings all - March is here and it's time for another fish to be caught.  This month I am going to make it a bit harder for you, since we have had a few easy ones recently.  Let's go after the Unicorn Fish which can be found in the Twisted Weald in Ilshenar.  You know where that is, it's where the Cu Sidhe spawns that little river between you and Dreadhorn.  Same Rules apply as always and please drop your catch(s) off into the mailbox at the Britain Moongate House.  Map Below.  Good Luck everyone


  • EM RoenickEM Roenick Posts: 122Event Moderator
    Greetings everyone.  March has come to an end and its time to announce the winner of the fishing contest.  I would like to thank all the participants for risking their lives in the Twisted Weald.  Hope you all had fun battling Irk and Guile *smiles*.  Okay... And the winner with the heaviest fish was Persephone coming in at 176 stones.  Congratulations to Persephone.  We had quite a few within 6 stones.  Good luck all in April... we have added the Gray Wolf for those who do not have a fisher.  Catch ya later  *wink*
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