So when???

Is the scripter in Oceania's Dark Guardian doom gauntlet going to be dealt with?  The person has been there for over a YEAR, pretty much every day, for upwards of 5, 10, 15 hrs per day.  So much so that one player has now taken the action to LIVE STREAM this dude on twitch.  And sent Mesanna a link by email from what I understand.  So go watch that 15 hours of live stream (one of many videos) and tell us all that that dude is not illegal scripting.

They have been reported and reported and reported by players and even the EM tried to have them dealt with, as they too saw them there day after day after day, and had players at EVERY EM event and kings council bring up the dude.  The dude also runs an alert script of some kind that rings or whatever when gm shows up.  Even tho sometimes it takes the dude upwards of 5 minutes to respond eventually they will as whatever set up they have warns them so they can get back to the comuputer to 'attend'. 

They have a 'young' character who logs in with them with 5 x gamens in tow to boost the spawn, and they then walk out and sacred journey to zento bank where there is nice little bin to dump the maps (clean up points) right next to where they can bank the gold.

The players on our shard are SICK TO DEATH OF IT, AND SICK OF NO ACTION.  Yes some have taken to 'interrupting' them in various ways, such us putting down barrels in the recall spot that do NOT block the door but require some navigating around to stop the walk script, by blocking one door that he uses while leaving the other free for access, some are resorting to other means, although forcing other players to deal with this is getting to where you are making those players break the tos just so that THEY can actually get some time to do the spawn themselves.

Unless something is done about this dude, anything that the devs say about what they are doing to combat bad behavior  is I think ...........  just talk.   Anyone can say we got rid of xyz amount of scripters, well we ONLY have one and we have had them for over a YEAR and nothing is done.

We are now ramping up the pressure to get this guy dealth with as we are sick of it.

Cheers MissE

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    This seems to be an issue that is limited to trammel.
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    Of course it is, in fel or on siege it would be sorted instantly.  However, we are now going to 'live stream' this dude whenever we see him/her so perhaps that alone may make them decamp to some other shard. There is no way this would be let to continue for a YEAR or more if it was on Atlantic. 

    Perhaps knowing that from now on he/she is going to be on 'candid camera' and the relative links sent to the devs may make them move on.  Never knowing who is watching your illegal script may just be the thing we need given that the 'proper' way of reporting has absolutely NO RESPONSE at all. 

    Like I said we are sick of it and are tired of the lack of response.

    Cheers MissE

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    Well, if they're not gonna punish him after an ABUNDANCE of evidence, let's all break out the scripts and follow suit.  A rule that is not enforced is NOT a rule. 
  • release a few dragons in there for him

  • IvenorIvenor Posts: 1,216
    Uriah_Heep said:
    release a few dragons in there for him

    And after that, what? This will disrupt the cheating for some time, at a high cost in time & resources for correct players. People don't have an endless reserve of tamed dragons to waste, where s/he seems to have a bottomless reserve of time.

    What is even more irritating is that s/he chooses a still relatively active Shard to operate, shoving an high level of chutzpa and/or presumption of unaccountability... :/
  • You are more likely to get jailtime for inteferring with those people than they are to get a ban.
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    @JollyJade yes I agree, sad but true, it's not a good advert for the game if this is left as is.
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