Suggestions for the next step


So i have a toon with 

anatomy 100
bushido 100
chivalry 83
necro 100
parrying 100
swords 120
tactics 100

all resists 70

hci 35
dci 10
ssi 45
di 69

and now i am a little lost. The game have a vast content for veteran player but with this toon i don't know what to do now. Is there any boss that i can kill to start farm some itens? Can i make doom? How i get the next step to make this toon strong?

I play in Chesapeak and there doesn't have any PS to sell so i have to farm some but i guess that toon can't do any spawn. I have no guild because my english depends a lot on a translator so im not fast to write and i don't speak english so discord and others like it are impracticable so im a solo player.

Anyone have some ideas of what can i do now?

My last objective in the game was get gold farming mobs to buy that new castles that cost 30 millions but i don't have a place to construct that caslte...

I have a crafter to with 120 imbuing and 120 blacksmith.


  • TimTim Posts: 707
    First Don't be afraid to die (at this stage you will a lot)

    I would suggest the "Cyclops Pyramid" in Ilshenar off of the Honesty gate. Cyclops_Pyramid

    Start fighting at the gate and as you feel comfortable work you way up to the cave. Once in the main room of the cave they are all Repond so get a supper slayer. The "Soul Seeeker" is a good choice for swordsman. 
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