Welcome to Siege - now you're all going to die!

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As of this writing, I'm a couple of weeks away from my one year anniversary as your EM.
I hope you've been having as much fun as I have! Don't stay here too long - my pets are hungry, and want you in-game!

So, welcome to the UO Siege Forums. Watch out for the "EM Kincaid is attacking you" messages.

For new or returning players, here's a general idea of how my (rather, YOUR) events work:
I try to hold one every weekend. So far, so good. 
These tend to be on a Friday or Saturday evening, kicking off at 5 pm EST. 
Events will nearly always start from the EM Hall - or, House of Commons for the purists amongst you.
That's a couple of screens north of the Britain moongate. But, you don't need to know that, because every time there's an event on, I drop gates to the starting point all over the shard. 
Typical points where you can find an event gate include:
  • West Brit Bank
  • Luna Bank
  • Buccaneer's Den Bank
  • Zento Bank
  • All the teleporter hubs that I know about. If you have a hub and I don't know about it, do everyone a favour and TELL me about it!
  • A couple of other spots - when we do have a newcomer's guild, there will be a gate to their guildhouse. When (as happens) the guild shuts down for a while, the gate will stay there until another newcomer guild starts up!
  • All player-run town monuments
These gates are usually a metalic pink. Sorry about that. But, like I said, most of the time they will take you to the EM Hall. On some occasions they will take you directly to the event, on others they will take you to the Siege Council Chambers for a council meeting. Pay attention to the Town Criers for more details.

Once a month, an event will give you a chance to get a "drop" - namely, something rare and special, that can be earned by being one of the top attackers on the boss, or sometimes, bosses. 

At the moment, I also run treasure hunts once a month. Here, you have opportunities to get high-end loot, tame fairly unusual monsters that come out of the chests, or just grab stuff to train up your imbuing skill.

This is Siege. There's a good reason for the "Perilous", and it's not just the monsters that I shower you with. I very rarely do events in the guard zone, which means there's a chance that you'll be attacked by PKs during an event. I do not restrict PKs, I do not telestorm PKs away from the event, and I do not drop any more monsters on PKs than I do on anyone else. (I do drop a lot of monsters on everyone!) 
So, if a PK shows up and attacks you, you will need to lean on your own skill, and on your friends. 

So, that's enough from me. Any questions, ask them here. These are your forums. There will be a meet and greet in March, to celebrate one year as your EM. If you'd prefer, bring your questions there!



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    *does happy dance*
  • OlRacOlRac Posts: 15
    Thanks EM Kincaid! oh great hander outter o' the free white robes!
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    Kenize and the Wolf says Howdy
    Remove Trap = Bad News
    Treasure Hunters
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  • DrakelordDrakelord Posts: 1,745
    OlRac said:
    Thanks EM Kincaid! oh great hander outter o' the free white robes!
    Free yes, white??  Our's are always a dirty grey NO FAIR!!

    Remove Trap = Bad News
    Treasure Hunters
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    Will these forums now become the official EM forums for EM information and the like?
  • *Victim leaves a message just to be able to say he did*
    A Goblin, a Gargoyle, and a Drow walk into a bar . . .

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    I'll leave the Glorious Lady Mesanna, may all fall at her feet, to give all official info about these forums, but yes, this is about as official as it gets. Hopefully, I'll have more answers for you by the time of the Meet and Greet I'm doing later this month - so keep the questions coming!
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    Howdy Siege !
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