Fastest One Hand Sword

so can anyone tell me what the fastest one handed sword is for my swordsman with parry
and what is the Best one using a primary move


  • TimTim Posts: 797
    I like "Radiant Scimitars" for one handed sword. It has bass speed of 2.5 and primary move of Whirlwind. The "Soul Seeker" is a nice Repond Super Slayer version even after it got nerfted.
    Note I play PvM so it may not be as good in PvP.
  • PawainPawain Posts: 9,256
    Fastest base swords do less damage.  So they give less leech back.
    Also is this PvM or PvP?
    Also the best primary and secondary are determined by what you are fighting.

    Need more info to help you more.  

    I have a weapon with the specials I want that do higher damage and I get to max speed with Stamina and SSI.  Shields can have SSI, so easier for shield users.
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  • KronalKronal Posts: 84
    Broadsword has AI.  Katana is fast and has double strike and AI.  Damage output on katana is low therefore adding life leech would be recomended to make up for the lack of leeching from vamp form..
  • SethSeth Posts: 2,904
    Fastest weapon is only useful in pvp, so its bokuto or katana both for speed and special. 

    Butcher knife for disarm.

    Cleaver with bleeding and if you can find blood drinker with splintering it will be nice.

    If you care for 2 handed, hatchet is good for Armor Ignore and Disarm. 

    Bokuto with splintering, 50 hit lower defense, 50 hit lightning, not antique or brittle, is highly sought after. Bokuto comes with nerve strike, and only weapon to have this. It is the fastest sword.

    For PVM, a balance of speed and damage is required. I don't think it is wise to go for fastest weapon unless you are clearing low level spawns only. 
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