Monsters with lots of gold on them

Has anyone found this or had this happen. I killed a Headless sometime ago and it had 20K gold on him. Then the other day I was killing Orcs in the Orc Cave and one had 35K Gold on him. Is this some sort of bug or do some monsters have this on them?


  • I have killed gajillions of monsters, and never once encountered this. 
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    It can happen if the mob has looted a player.

    I lost 50k to a mob last night on a disconnection, took me 10 minutes to find him again and get it back.

  • Yup, many undead types will loot players (esp liches). Harpys, Orcs, and some humanoid monsters also notoriously do this. 

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    I lost my Khaldun drops to some liches and undead mages. Each of those are worth... more than 20k... ouch!
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  • I know exactly what happened.  B) 

    Monsters sometimes loot player's bodies.

    Its happened to me since the day I started playing.  They LOVE to steal gold.

    Just last month, I was hunting super spawn at a graveyard and saw another player killed.  My tamer has 93% magery, not enough to rez… BUT enough to gate.  I gated his ghost... but he didnt come back in time.  It takes a bit to kill the super undead that killed him... how could I know what one got him... I suddenly had 17k too much vs. the 600 gold they normally have.  Happens ALL the time.  Sometimes they steal rubbish.  More times then not... gold.

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