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Hi all.  Returning to the game after 8 years or so and I've decided to make something I never did before.  A bard!  I've decided to go pure with it (despite some scolding I've gotten from other players) music, provocative, disc, and peace as well as magery, eval,  and med for now (may change later)  but what's really getting me is which of the 3 masteries I should take.  They all seam useful in some way or an other.  Any thoughts?


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    Get them all.  I did.

    4x120 Bard is really efficient for party buffing because you get so many bonuses for focusing on all 4 skills.  

    I don’t care to do okay temps without all 4, but some do; peace tamers and disco archers and such.

    I just your super over-average 4xLBard Mage and pretty much rocking the house 24/7.

    I currently am in love with my Peacemaking masteries as the turn tanks into super tanks with the damage reduction + regen.
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    Thank you for the reply!  I'm still trying to level up the bard skills (peace 106, disc 76, prov 68) and I've actually decided to use spellweaving as my main combat skill with magery acting more as useful support.  I was under the impression you could only get use one mastery at a time but if not I will definitely get them all lol.
  • Pure is nice, no doubt. In groups folks will love you.

    The single bard mastery primer (1,2,3) gives access to 3 schools of bard magic. Only the timer between switching schools regulates use. One school at a time.

    Bards r a blast 

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