Probably not a popular suggestion with the PvP crowd for a store item.

How about adding a Trammel rule set token to the store?  It would be a use once item that permanently makes the character use the Trammel rule set in all facets and shards. The character can not be harmed by other players (ie Reds) and can not harm another player.  The character can play the champ spawns in Felucca but does not get the big prizes. They can recall from any place. Price the token at say $100 so only serious people would use it.


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    What would be the point of playing in Fel if they were not eligible for any Fel drops or bonuses?  With insurance it’s not like Fel really has much risk except time as it is.

    Furthermore, having invulnerable characters working spawns so that the token vulnerable character can collect all the drops seems like it would even further diminish the entire “risk vs reward” concept for Fel drops.
  • *waits for Mervyn to stumble into this thread*
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     Uriah_Heep said:
    *waits for Mervyn to stumble into this thread*


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  • Umm... lol? 
  • Sigh lol.  I never really did mind about the little things.
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  • There's still a portion of UO that is PvP. We need to respect that. We need every player we can keep. I don't PvP and I would still be horrible at it if I did it for a very long time. It's like a specialized career. But I also know I can buy insurance for anything I really want to keep and it's not a big deal. To veteran players clothing bless deeds are cheap. To new players they can earn them cheaply. The rest is covered by insurance. There's not much in UO you can't do in Trammel. If your going to Fel your probably an "advanced player" doing "advanced" stuff. I really wouldn't care if they sold that item or not but I never see it happening. That also delves into selling things in the game that involves actual game play (like selling uber weapons that can't be gotten any other way, etc) and that's something I'm very much against. The pay to win model. I'm also the first to admit if you got cash you can buy anything in UO but as it is now you can also get the same item doing the work in game.
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  • doing the work 

    I am allergic to that
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    Why not just do an ish spawn if your not looking for big rewards. If you can do spawns and not be able to get attacked in fel, then what is the point of fel? 
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