Publish 103: Krampus !!

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This is ****** awesome!!!

Thanks @bleak @Kyronix @Misk @Mesanna

Krampus Encounter

  • A special edition of the Town Cryer has chronicled the vile Krampus threatening Britannia’s trade routes!
    • This edition is available for testing at the Britain Commons
  • Trade crates have been replaced with gift boxes to prepare for the coming festival season.
  • Icy Creatures have been spotted ambushing trade routes.
  • As more trade orders are completed, larger creatures will spawn until Krampus’ minions ambush!
    • These creatures are still subject to player power matching that applies to ambushers.
  • Once Krampus minions begin ambushing trade routes, there is a chance Krampus will spawn.
    • Krampus is subject to standard trade route ambusher spawn validations.
    • Krampus cannot spawn at sea.
    • Krampus cannot spawn in the Lost Lands.
    • Krampus can only spawn in Trammel,  except on Siege Perilous where Krampus can only spawn in Felucca .
    • Krampus’ guardians must be defeated before he can be attacked.
    • Only a single Krampus can be spawned at any given time.
    • Krampus will despawn after an extended period of inactivity.
  • Trade Orders cannot be acquired or turned in while Krampus is terrorizing a trade route, and City Trade Ministers will share Krampus’ location so those brave enough to challenge him can vanquish him and secure further trade routes.
  • A previously unknown creature called the Frost Drake is known to be attracted to Krampus, and will spawn in proximity.
  • Defeating Krampus will give a chance to all top attackers to acquire one of several rewards,
    • Whip – new weapon available across the following weapon skills with the associated special moves.
      • Bladed Whip
        • Swordsmanship
        • Bleed & Whirlwind
      • Spiked Whip
        • Fencing
        • Armor Pierce & Whirlwind
      • Barbed Whip
        • Mace Fighting
        • Concussion & Whirlwind
      • Weapon Speed: 3.25
      • Damage: 13-17
      • Range: 1
      • One Handed
      • Repairable via Tinkering
      • Can be imbued and reforged
      • Can be equipped by all races
      • Can be dyed with a leather dye tub
    • New Clothing & Jewelry Recipes craftable via Tailoring or Tinkering
      • Krampus Minion Hat
      • Krampus Minion Talons
        •  cannot be dyed
      • Krampus Minion Boots
      • Krampus Minion Earrings
        • Can be dyed with material appropriate dye tubs
    • Reward Titles
      • The Nice
      • The Naughty
      • The Punisher
    • Treasure Maps
      • Level 3-6
    • Krampus’ Coin Purse

Trade Route Spawn Updates

  • Additional spawn validations have been added to attempts made to spawn ambushers during a trade order.
  • Ambushers will no longer spawn within 25% of the total distance of the trade order from the origin or destination.  This will prevent issues where ambushers could spawn just outside city guard limits.
  • Ambushers will no longer spawn while a player is in close proximity to the last location a spawn was checked, regardless of whether that spawn was successful.

WW weapon for each class.  Fun stuff to do.  Stuff to kill!

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  • Looks good to me.

    Still waiting for those new vendors though.
  • LarisaLarisa Posts: 1,160
    And a whip for Flutter...she'll be thrilled! ;)

    This is a very unique and interesting concept, can't wait to test it tomorrow along with all the other amazing things in this publish. Good work team, looks like you've been busy!

    A special thank you for the BOD book some people can stop asking about it :)

  • Larisa said:
    And a whip for Flutter...she'll be thrilled! ;)

    A special thank you for the BOD book some people can stop asking about it :)

    Hey.  We needed that!  But never fear, I shall endeavor to persevere and find another windmill to joust at!

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    I'd like to see the whip drop as a recipe instead of a blank weapon everytime.

    Not very fair to Macers & Fencers temporarily having one-handed Whrilwind Weapons tbh.
    Swords already has both 1 & 2-handed whirlwind options.

    Also, if they're temporary, there's not much a reason to make a character to use them... weapons wear out much faster than anything else does.

    Remove or change casting focus & poison immunity it reduces the need for "Player Skill" it's garbage. rant2 Bring timing back and eliminate chance in pvp!
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    And this one actually made me laugh - the name Krampus is hilarious. :)

    Sounds very cool, hats off.

    And the BOD book change - another change players have wanted for so long.

  • LarisaLarisa Posts: 1,160
    Krampus is actually a real thing, hopefully they make him look authentic ;) they did an amazing job on the Titans I can't wait to see what Krampus looks like!

  • Krampus found his way into UO.

    I’m quite pleased!

    Event sounds exciting.  Still farming Khakdun too.  Great end of year season stuff.  

    Good job!
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  • Great idea... taken from the resent horror movie.  :-)  This story has been around since the dark age and beyond.

    One thing I'm not clear on:

    What is considered a trade route?

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    I rarely do trade orders or much event stuff, but I have to say that this sounds cool! I will Def try this out. Anyone actually seen him/fight him yet? 
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    Wait... I feel like I've seen this before...

    *plays X-Files theme song*
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  • KyronixKyronix Posts: 1,107Dev
    Khyro said:

    Wait... I feel like I've seen this before...

    *plays X-Files theme song*
     :D  :D :D
  • PawainPawain Posts: 8,802
    Thats funny!  :D   
    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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    they are adorable but vicious
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