What is your preferred castle or Keep?

I keep hearing how people like the traditional look of castles & keeps. But I'm tired of looking at the same walls. I want to see something different. I want to log in and see something unique... And I am wondering how many people out there think the same way that I do...
  1. Do you prefer the traditional stone color or do you want something different?13 votes
    1. Love the traditional walls and floors
    2. I'm tired of looking at the same color walls & floors... new is good


  • When you log in to a real castle you're looking at something unique. Anything besides the original is garbage unless I made it myself in house editor. 
  • I would only entertain a castle or keep if I could do the "CUSTOM" design.  I just dont understanding calling any house "custom" when you dont have a hand in designing it.  Mainly, I'm talking about real houses.  My mother in law loved looking at new houses on the market as a form of entertainment... and these arrogant designers would paint such a special story as if no one else could design houses better then they could.  If you have no say?  Its not custom.

    So... when custom design came to UO, I was delighted.  I had a full tower then... and I loved it... but some were horrible... like the castle.  And the wasted space in the classic keep.  Just never understood it.

    I own a 6 house town on Atlantic and the same clearing on other shards has castles.  At first, I used to dream about replacing the 6 with a castle... if a day came where they could be customized.  I would rebuild the whole town in slightly a smaller space... 1 account, I could own a couple other max storage house someplace else... for bulk of my storage.  But its far too long.  100k+ visitors?  It would be destroying a historical town at this point.  Besides that, I would need 3 max storage houses just to move the stuff!  lol.  Not happening!!!

    I also see no use in those custom mini houses as vet rewards.  Why not allow us to make miniatures of our own house!  Or sell designs.  Friends ask me to do over their houses.  I really enjoy it.  All the house stuff made in the last few years?  Its to a point I wish we had a little stand alone program we could make whatever size house, save it, and share them that way.  All the challenges and décor.  I also dont like the new walls, stairs, and so on... BUT I'm not about building high... or owning a keep or castle.  I've seen some totally amazing work!  Just, I have no need.  And I sure dont have 4 BILLION gold to buy an Atlantic keep.  Insane in the membrane.  hehe

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  • ArronArron Posts: 485
    I have the Elsa Design and love it. It was a bright change for the original Castle. Don't get me wrong I also loved the original Castle, but got tired of the drab color. 
  • I really prefer the traditional stone walls and floors.

    Even my custom houses typically end up using the stone walls.  I just like the look of them.  I think addons look especially nice on walls.  Tapestries, hanging swords and such look great on stone walls.
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