Keep refund?

if you have a keep and upgrade it to the new design, later on if you find a better location can you deed the keep for a full refund or is it going to give me a few hundred credit back? what is the take on redeeding the new designs? 


  • If I remember correctly someone tried this on TC and got a full refund when they dropped the castle so I would assume it would be true for keeps as well.
  • LMAO.  I don't want to get in trouble, but if you get a refund on it, then all that talk about the high prices and such being a gold sink are bullshit LOL!   Seriously peeps...If you get a refund, what kinda gold sink is that?   Sounds like the devs have been living too close to DC for too long now...just sayin

  • true, but if someone worked hard to get the funds to make a new design, and wants to move, he shouldnt have to lose it. seems like it isnt a big deal with people having plats of gold but some people don't live high life. On Baja I generally help out everyone and don't have much gold on hand. I try to support my community with anything i can. so losing 30 mil or so is something of importance. 
  • TimTim Posts: 774
    When I thought about it and assumed you got the refund is when I stopped listening to the whining.

    But thinking before posting is against the terms & conditions apparently. >:)
  • ChurchChurch Posts: 40
    WTF Tim... 

  • KorisKoris Posts: 6
    So no response.  It's been more than a week and not one UO team member can be bothered to stop by and give us an official answer?  I usually don't give much creed to the belief that nobody cares about uo anymore but this is just so blatantly obvious.  This is a simple question that involves someone losing millions.  It was asked on the OFFICIAL forums and is one of the top posts still.  I do not see why there is no response.  The community didn't have a certain answer.  It's been over a week.  Someone lean over and ask one of the developers for an answer and post it on here please!
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    It's easy to answer this one, just get on to test center and try it. 
    There's absolutely no need to attack the devs for having more to do than answer every single question on the forum. You DO want them to actually work on the game don't you?


  • KorisKoris Posts: 6
    That's test.  ZekeTerra already suggested this might be the way but again, that's TEST.  We do not know for certain.  As for the attack part...that was not an attack.  As I've said before, they can certainly stop by and take 30 seconds to answer 1 simple post. This is not something that takes a long time and requires an explanation or a PR answer.   
  • TimTim Posts: 774
    Sorry not to attack you, but could you please point to anything from Broadsword that hints that the gold would not be refunded. If they don't refund the gold I'll grab my pitch fork and be right with you but until someone gets screwed I think your getting upset about nothing.
  • I don't want to insult any of the the wonderfully inspired people who made the winning selections for the castle and keep contest stuff.. but there's no way I'd pay 50 million to live in some else's design, so if the main reason for implementing the prices was gold sink, it already catastrophically failed beyond imagining in terms of sinking my gold.
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    a fellow guild member built the Oceania one and then realized he didn't like it as much as he thought he would. He then changed to Elsa's design and just had to pay the difference 

    I think the message said that it refunded the cost of the other design. I know when I converted mine to Elsa's it refunded the original cost to build the castle.
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    If you get the refund on test then Yes you get a refund on prodo. 

    If not, I’ll give you the money myself. 
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