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Anyone of the "Old Guard" remeber the mythical "ImaNewbie Does Britannia" comic Strips? I discovered that they are still online:
IMO an absolute "must read" for anyone that want to have a "tongue in cheek" inkling of what was living in UO before Tram & Fel, when there were PKs around every corner (and under your bed too, if you forgot to lock your house door...) and all the rage in cool fashion was not "glacial", but True Black Shrouds & Bone Helmets... :D



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    Absolutely remember them and loved them during the time. They were featured in a local PC gaming magazine as a kid and this was the closest I could get to participating in the world of Britannia at a time when most people barely had a 56k connection. :)

    The author made a brief return during the Kingdom Reborn expansion.
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    Dean478 said:
    (...) when most people barely had a 56k connection. :)(...)
    Please don't make me remenber THAT part, and the faces of my family when the phone bills arrived... :# ;)
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    Would be amazing on Youtube.
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