2 house rule ruined this shard

I think that most of the houses on this shard are just claimed by people who hardly even play on the shard. They are claimed for the sole purpose of owning two houses and to take up large valuable space. 

Most people prefer to play on regular shards because you can bless and insure your items or even live in trammel. Not many people play on siege and it's quite possible that they don't play because they can't find a house plot. 

Think about it. There are 2 servers out of 27 where you can have an additional house. It was bound to be abused and now there are hardly any plots on siege. There are hardly any plots and hardly anyone using the plots that are taken. 

Think about it further... 2 servers out of 27. That's 25 servers worth of people able to place a house on Siege and never use it. 

I think this rule needs to change somehow. Like, put a gump on peoples screens saying you have two houses you need to pick which one you want to keep and all of your items in the house not chosen will be transported to a container in your bank box. *something like that* and if they don't choose then the house which they use the least will be demolished and belongings transported to their bank.


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    They just need to make the houses need refreshing here, maybe not once a week but say once a month by refresh on opening the door/entering the premises either by owner or a coowner or even friend.  If none of those things happen the premises should go into rapid decay, ie after the 30 days they start in idoc state, not three months as per normal idoc. Once in Idoc state only an owner can refresh it.

    It is the ones that are placed that no one ever uses at all that are the problem.

    Cheers MissE

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  • I think allowing people to refresh their troll houses will only prolong the issue. If players are forced to pick between one or the other that would solve the problem. Make siege a real shard when it comes to houses not just a shard to own a second house. 
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    I think allowing people to refresh their troll houses will only prolong the issue. If players are forced to pick between one or the other that would solve the problem. Make siege a real shard when it comes to houses not just a shard to own a second house. 
    You so understand that it was that way, 1 house per account and that included the one on SP then the people of SP and others asked the DEVs if the SP house could be considered separate there by allowing all UO players to have 1 Prodo house and one SP house and now you want it back to the way it used to be, 1 house period.  Good luck.
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    I’ve got three houses on Siege but I can’t even remember where I placed 2 of them.
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    I wounder if the DEVs could make a real estate finder like the ship finder. @Kyronix @Bleak
  • I think best would be, players players would have to refresh houses once a month. Current situation is frustrating for regular siege players. And DJAd, I like you, but I dont think your answer is constructive.
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    I would vote once a week for refreshing. I have two houses on SP in very different but house populated areas. I NEVER see anyone use them and I'm on daily. I like having the ability to have a SP and production shard house per account but a lot of these abandoned homes just take up real estate.
  • What if you are on vacation for 2-3 weeks? ;-)
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    The "extra house on Siege" that only a handful of people were vocal about, should have come with a mandatory refreshing requirement. Everyone knows this now, it's not going to be fixed though, everyone knows that too.
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    Please make the Grizzled Mare a 5 slot mount, it's incredibly rare and deserves it. Some of us have been waiting a long time for this simple addition.
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    I am sorry, but mine opinion is vastly different then most here.  When we started playing this game we could have houses across several shards, and did have small workshops or small towers where we could park our characters and store our stuff.  Accounts could be co-ower and had
    co-ower boxes, friends that had access could refresh your homes when they enter your door. 

    Needless to say we had a LOT of people friended to our small homes.  When we were told that we would have to choose a shard to make a permanent home we picked Sonoma mainly as that is where we had the largest group of known friends.  Our Siege Characters (back then two accounts) were in a city Inn.  I still miss having all those small homes across those shard.. 

    But I am happy that I do have a base to operate from on Siege.  And that my Crafters are in a good guild.

    I don't get much of a chance to play Siege like I was but if it came down to a choice once more like so long ago then I would once more say so long.

    Now if I can make sure to catch the the next Gov meeting I will be OK.
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    Primary issue being that Ultima players are hoarders. They don’t “need” a house on Siege Perilous, but maybe someday they’ll leave the comfort of their prodo shard to come give Siege an honest try. We all know most likely that won’t ever happen, but because the players can have the potential of having something, they made sure to get it. 

    It sucks seeing prime real estate consumed by off-shard players who have no real intentions of playing Siege. It sucks worse when you find those players somewhere like stratics and they know what they’re doing, and don’t care that it’s impacting the younger players of Siege Perilous. 

    I think a solid solution is to make players set either house to primary, while the second house requires a refresh by the owner once per month. This has been suggested by others, and I think it’s pretty sound. You could also add a gold sink into the game by charging a monthly gold tax to players who own houses on both Siege and Prodoction. 
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    To bad they couldn't tie the house to the Char skill gain.  Most people that have these houses are not working their char so IMHO if you do not work the char then your house goes by-by and I understand vacations and such so make it say a 3 month type thing and for those people that defend us I am sure UO could see that their chars are developed so should be safe for deployments 
  • I'm all for having to refresh houses on Siege every four week if you have a house on another shard.
    Those who say they're going to quit Siege over this being implemented, well I don't think they were ever really serious about Siege anyway, so good riddance.
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    it is fine the way it is

    at the time the rule was put into place siege was at one of its lowest populations ever!  everyone knew the risks and what was going to happen.  But looking back at it, we drew a lot of people here for the housing.  it gives people an opportunity to try a shard like siege for an extended amount of time.  It also allows siege players to place on prodo.   It is fine the way it is, still plenty of spots to place a large house.  You want the devs to do something for siege, have them focus on the following.

    1.  stealth/passive detect it is so op here it sucks

    2.  up the loot table, give better drops more often, or add blessings

    3.  VVV arties really just put them on here already. 

    4.  Crafted gear should be stronger than it is. 

    5.  cut rot down in time.  like 2 4 6 minutes.  tops 

    you do a couple of those and you might get people here.  yeah 1 and 3 are selfish but hey the Bo can dream. 

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    BoBo said:

    it is fine the way it is

    I like the way you think sir
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  • Stealth is absolutely perfect the way it is. :-)
  • Stealth is absolutely perfect the way it is. :-)
    no it's not and this is coming from a stealther! it is completely out of whack and tracking is completely broken.
  • It is absolutely perfect the way it is :-)
  • Coming from an Orc Clan that requires stealth and hide, Stealth is OP. I can watch you champ all the way until you finish the Champ, and you won't know until I'm looting you and the champ after the fact. 
  •  :D 
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    I always squint in consternation any time I pass one of the like 100 houses owned by "xxxx Brightaxe".  Dude has a lot of territory locked up, never has and if I had to bet, never will play the shard.  
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    Yup. I was out IDOC'ing the last few nights and there are abandoned plots all over the world. Both Malas and Felucca. It's unfortunate. Also, some Luna homes inside the walls have "for sale, ICQ this number" and they've been like that for well over a year or two. I'd love to see a 4 week refresh rate on these homes. That's plenty of time to log into seige if you're active and open a door or walk through a portal.
  • allowing secondary houses on Siege is ok with me but they really should be grandfathered meaning people have to refresh once a week or every 2 weeks
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    I am totally against having to refresh houses in such a short timeframe. If you ever haven been in hospital for more than 2 weeks or if you ever had to work abroad for months with no chance for logging in, you know what I mean. I am paying all my accounts without gametime codes. Why? Because there are months, I cannot play - every year, since decades. And I cannot simply let the house drop and bank everything, because there is - for example - the museum.

    I am not a fan of letting houses refresh but IF there will be a change, I vote for 60-120 days. Not sure about this, however. And the game should have to send you a reminder via EMail, of course. People tend to forget deadlines.

    But in contrast to my first statement some months ago, I would now rather vote for: Dont touch housing. There are enough other measures to improve siege (Blessing items, for example). Even tho my heart bleeds to see so many good spots ruined by people who dont play the shard.

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    To bad UO GMs/DEVs don't go around and check houses to see if they are being used or just look at the owner/account and see when it last logged on.  Giving a 2nd house to people on SP was a good idea and like most good ideas it was exploited to the max by greedy people.  Yes I have been known to VISIT SP but IMHO I do not deserve a house there that I may use only a few times a year.
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    Sixty days should be plenty of time.  Your primary house only gets ninety days.

    I'd wager a lot of players logged into Siege, ran round and placed a plot and if they had to they couldn't find it today.

    As a player who has recently been playing Siege full-time, I've ran around the entire world several times looking for good spots to place a house.  I've seen hundreds of empty plots and I've seen hundreds of seemingly abandoned houses.

    It was a good idea to try to get more players to Siege, however the idea has failed.  It's time for a change.  The second house on Siege concept is fine, they should simply have to be refreshed, that's all.

    If anyone follows my posts on Stratics, you'll know I'm a vocal advocate of a second house per account, anywhere, on any shard.  That would quickly and permanently eliminate this problem on Siege.  Most of these houses would disappear almost overnight.
  • Ok, that would be a solution, you wouldnt even need refreshing: Allow 2nd house on all shards. Bingo.
  • I have been playing on siege and Prodo for years and like the idea of having a house on prodo and siege. I do agree that houses should have to be refreshed though. It seems most people seem to look at having a siege house a novelty and nothing else. I have played since 1998 and actually make use of all of my siege houses.
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