Can't See Roof Tiles Above Roof Placement Level 3 When Customizing House

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I'm trying to put a roof on a house on a regular shard (Oceania).  It's a 15x15 house that can have 4 levels.  When I try to build the roof (in the Classic Client), I can see the roof tiles on roof placement levels 2 and 3.  However, when I place tiles on roof placement levels 4 or higher, I can't actually see them while in house customization mode.  They may appear if I commit the house (if there are no errors I can't see).  However, it's pretty much impossible to build a roof if you can't see what you're doing!!

Also, I notice that in customization mode, if you've placed stairs on the current level, you only see the bottom half of the stairs, i.e., on the 4th tile into the stairs, it's completely level and you don't see the risers to the next level unless you change your view to the next level.

I hope this will be fixed soon.  I like to use the roof tiles and will be very disappointed if they no longer work.


  • Maybe some pictures will help explain what I'm seeing in customization mode.  This a house I built on Test Center on Saturday.  The first two screen shots are in normal game-playing mode. The last four screen shots are from within house customization mode.  As you can see, in customization mode, the stairs are cut in half and you can only see the bottom rows of the house tiles.  If you want to place any more house tiles higher than those rows, you do it without actually seeing where the tiles end up and have to just hope nothing is placed illegally.

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    I have also noticed a ton of issues with house customization since the latest patch.

    Between not being able to see roof tiles I have constantly crashed when committing or reverting designs.  Sometimes stairs below a floor appear a bit wonky too, sometimes they appear, sometimes only half appear. I am surprised this has not been brought up yet.
  • Newest client has not fixed any of these issues. Makes it almost impossible to customize a house right now.
  • Yeah, I'm in the process of rebuilding my house on Atlantic and the client crashes every couple of minutes.  Pretty frustrating.
  • One thing that might help is to make sure your character is not riding any kind of mount, especially a blue beetle, while in customization mode.
  • I'm having the exact same issues. I cannot remove the roof tiles. I crash constantly. Not mounted.
  • @Bleak @Mesanna

    Any update on this? House customization is completely broken, roofs and stairs are a mess.
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    This will be resolved in the next client patch.
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