[Europa Role Play] Vesper!

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The Vesper Redguard needs YOU!!!

The Redguard is the elite military division of the Republic of Vesper. It is their duty to uphold the law within Vesper and her territories, protect her citizens and battle the external threats to the Republic. 

If you are looking for adventure, excitement, battle or just a new family! Then the Redguard welcomes you with open arms!

To join you can either find us at Vesper by the beach and speak to a redguard.

Or you can send a raven to the Redguard Commander Escaflowne or the Redguard Captain Rimeny De Blaze

[OOC: Vesper is a Roleplay Guild that roleplays the free people of the Republic of Vesper. This also includes the normal citizens of Vesper not just the military if you’re not interested in fighting then we can find the perfect role for whatever you want to play, even evil orcs or undead.

We host regular events and storylines that include Redguard training sessions, hunts, quests, big hunts in hunting gear to peerless bosses, battles, festivals, tavern nights and overlying story arc events.

We are a roleplay guild first and foremost, so you will be expected to roleplay a character and stay in character at all times!

If you would be interested in this, then please get in contact.

You can find our forums on the guild section of stratics UO forums to see reports of our activity.



Discord Channel



ICQ 136-016-357

Rimeny De Blaze

ICQ 389-171-125


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