Pitmuck White Net Toss (Everyone Invited)

Monday, March 5 at 8:30 PM Est.
Gates Provided to the Island.


  • FeigrFeigr Posts: 355
    Really sorry I missed this and glad you guys are doing it.  Monday's just don't work for me.  :( It's amazing when shards have these public net tosses and I really could have used the phat lewts.
    Chesapeake - Warrior Feigr, Craftsman Brokkr, Tamer Slatra, Rogue Nidingr, Bard Galdr
  • NANOCNANOC Posts: 18
    I am going to try and bump this to keep adding new dates for the Net Toss.
    Monday the 6th of August, 8:30 pm.  Gates provided.
  • NANOCNANOC Posts: 18
    Monday Jan. 14th. 
    Starting of the week of the PaxLair 21 Anny. Celebration with a Pitmuck White Net Toss.
    8:30PM Eastern time.  Everyone is invited!! Gate will be provided!
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