Subscription and Endless Journey cant buy on Origin issue

I have an active linked account and was able to buy items from Orgin before EJ. 
Since the implementation of EJ I can no longer buy, a pop up telling me Orgin no longer offers the base game and to check before I buy. How can you purchase a game add on like High Sea or Gothic if you cant get past the pop up. Is this a bug? Is there another place to buy souvrins or add ons?


  • LEXXLEXX Posts: 2
    I see this is an ongoing issue with Orgin from reading older posts. I hope they fix this soon esp if people want to buy subscriptions. I purchased a one month Sub on Friday and the order is still pending lol. Still cant buy the other add ons.  People who want to pay to play cant lol. 
  • NikkiNikki Posts: 7
    It’s fixed
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