What is your whish list for the Spring Event?

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I will start:
  • Bane dragon
  • 250 luck mask/hat/etc.
  • Horn color/ring/etc socket for gargoyles.


  • usernameusername Posts: 693
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    I mentioned this in the other thread:

    I would like something (or the same) as last year with the thorn planting -> eggs . I prefer something like that because it's easier and relaxed plus I can do it on my own time/pace. It is nice contrast from the constant grind of the ToTs. However, if it had to be a ToT, I prefer the outdoor/open area as last time.

    For rewards I would like to see previous champ spawn items being able to be claimed:
    • First Aid Belts
    • Mark of the Destroyer
    • Artio's Vine Wrap
    • Bogling Hide Mukluks
    • All the deco from those spawns, randomized. For example, claim a "Daemon Head" to get a random one of the Horrors of the Dark Champion Spawn drop.
    • Pages as usual (x6)
    • Titles as usual (x4)
    • Season themed deco as usual (x4)
    Plus some new stuff:
    • NEW 1-shot dye(s) that fit the theme of the event (turn-in color)
    • NEW 1-slot pet, usable or vanity, or both?
    • NEW + luck belt
    • NEW + luck weapon (could be interesting if done right)
    • NEW wearable item with character's name (similar to Doom lantern)
    • NEW give some love (items) to templates other than PVP mages & PVM melees.
    This would be a nice little event that I would enjoy. Save the real heavy hitting stuff for the Fall/Winter ToT when people don't want to go outside, not spring :P

    If old rewards were to be recycled it would be nice if the hues/names were changed while the stats remained the same.

    To the OP, Bane Dragons coming back does not make any sense as they were part of early Stygian Abyss Bane Chosen event cycle. We've already gotten Wildfire Ostards anyways? Neither are shard bound and are quite plentiful still after all these years. Heck, even Dreads are still plentiful and easy to find. All relatively cheap too (considering banes are 14 years old at this point).
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  • GrimbeardGrimbeard Posts: 1,991
    I'd like communication 
  • shootgunshootgun Posts: 288
    Grimbeard said:
    I'd like communication 

    To be honest this is not the worst game compared to some of the others. If you're playing DoTA, all you get is one tweet once every 6 months. Here the devs are replying to questions and the moderators are helping the players. I think we also get a dev qa every 6 months?
  • LarisaLarisa Posts: 1,174
    NO MORE EGGS!!! ;)

    The eggs was cute the first time around, I liked the spin on them during the Counterfeit Commodities Event but I think they are overdone now and we need something new.

    What that would be? I have no idea....maybe special flowers we have to collect special seeds for to grow and get something or...turn in to the Spring gardener somewhere.

  • JackFlashUkJackFlashUk Posts: 902
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    Solen Invasion!!!!!

    Phase one : multitude of different hued solens attack our beloved hive. A call to defend them against the invaders

    Phase two : Above ground and invasion of towns (random daily change)

    Phase Three : Discovery of new invasive hive, destroy it for final event rewards (titles. statues etc)

    Participation rewards,  new hued dyes from the invaders plus a turn in system via the matriarch for new limited rewards

    Plus a cheeky way to stock up on fungus and powder

    NO EJ entry and robust anti cheat monitoring to combat botters
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