taming is a craft too

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Would be nice to see pets have the name of whoever first tamed it from the wild.

Something simple like 'Tamed by' tag in lore would be nice. 

And a pet potion that you buy from official store / rewards / event recipe, where you can use it if you want to remove the tag for yourself, if you bought the pet.



  • PawainPawain Posts: 9,069
    Pet Branding iron.  You can tag them however you like.
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  • warrawarra Posts: 22
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    Does that take into account as being the original tamer or could anyone else can use it too - even if they bought pet?
  • PawainPawain Posts: 9,069
    Anyone can use. 

    The brand was the pets original name.

    I would be against tamer names on pets since I have many Cus and never tamed one.  If I care about who tamed it I would name it after them. 
    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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    I see a difficulty here when training, while dagger isle may end up covered in polar bears 'tamed by [name]' what happens when someone needing higher gains comes along and re-tames them?
  • usernameusername Posts: 709
    I always kill my tames I use for skill gains
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