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AkakuAkaku Posts: 1
This request is to add VVV artifacts back onto Siege Perilous. PVM'ers have access to all sorts of artifacts from Blackthorn on a similar points system. These items were never blessed and it added an interesting element to the game and a reason to be in VVV.

We've had polls in the past but they have been brigaded or the proposal was shot down by a vocal few who attended a meet up. Community feedback is important but there are plenty of people who want these artifacts reintroduced. This stuff has been turned off for years - why not turn it back on in the new year and see what happens.

Thank you for your consideration


  • CeronisCeronis Posts: 1
    I agree. Enabling the VVV artifacts on siege would actually help the PVM crowd, too! Right now the only way PVP players can gear themselves is by going to dungeons and/or hunting PVM players. And the gear is comparable to what PVP players are already using, so it actually provides a battleground away from farmers.

    As a PVP player myself; If I knew all I had to do was go to town for a fight, I'd leave the dungeons alone.

    The VVV system needs an overhaul anyway, but I think these artifacts could help breath new life into siege's PVP.
  • SkeletorSkeletor Posts: 1
    Yes I agree, please turn them back on.  The "PvP" server of Ultima Online definitely could use an injected reason/place to consistently fight and rewards for that activity that help mediate the major risk of partaking in PVP, losing all your hard earned and crafted gear.
  • TjalleTjalle Posts: 73
    No thank you.
    As been mentioned above we´ve had multiple polls already about this and it´s been a No every time. The only people in favor of this is basically the PvPers/PKers and this thread is no exception it seems as all you above me fit that category.

    If they were to introduce them again the power gap between the PKers (which is basically all the PvPers on Siege) and the PvMers would increase even more as the PKers would be even stronger than they already are.
    In theory it sounds good that the PvPers would then stay in town and only fight each other (and sure, maybe one or a few would) but those of us who play Siege know that will not be the case.
  • EM KincaidEM Kincaid Posts: 147Event Moderator
    At the risk of putting my nose where it isn't wanted, I will say this: Nothing will change until we can present a truly united front. As has already been said, in every previous poll/argument/civil war, the split has been very close to 50/50. You guys know I will fight for Siege with everything I've got - but I'm telling you right now, this is a losing battle until you can get the odds closer to 90/10 - AND prove that your figures truly represent Siege's population, not just a small number who bothered to vote. 
     Ok, that's my 2 copper pieces... back to event management!
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