Is Huntmaster's Challenge Reward System Known to Be Buggy?

So, for December's challenge I finally bagged a couple winners, a 500 stone gorilla and a 553 stone sea serpent.  I rang in the new year standing next to the stuffed gorilla at the Skara Ranger's Guild building. I've had worse dates.

Anywho...After the ball dropped my two offerings were still the winners.  Yay!

However, when I went to claim my rewards only one point showed up in the rewards menu. I wasn't sure if there was a cap, one prize per month per character? Or if I should get a reward for each of my winning entries? Players confirmed in chat there should be 1 reward for each winning entry.

I'm just looking to have that info confirmed here. And to let you know I think I've been robbed! Also to find out if this is a known and recurring issue?



  • ChrilleChrille Posts: 206
    You need to double click the huntmaster to get your winnings counted, I guess you had one point from earlier.
  • LilyGraceLilyGrace Posts: 705
    Oh! That's grand, Chrille! Thank you! I didn't know you had to double click to fire it up. I had no idea I had a winner from an earlier attempt. Don't even know when that was! lol

    Thank you again!
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