Bags of Sending

DrizztDrizzt Posts: 12
Last night I used a new bag of sending to send boura furs to the bank box. After one use I noticed my "available" weight capacity changed considerably...after going to the house, stripping down, item by item finally found that it was the bag of sending that now read 191 stones (when it should be 2 stones). It was unusual that when the furs were in by beetles pack, they weighed 1 stone each, but when in my pack the reduced down to 10% (1000 furs only weighed 100 stones). Sent a bug report thinking it was probably a bug with the fur...but started looking at all of my bags of sending & found another at 28 stones and another at 44 stones, while the 191 stone this was the only bag of sending and only time I used it on the furs. 
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