Can we get a patch to the pet training to fix the major issues please?

The pet training system is such a freaking great system and it's probably the biggest update that Ultima had seen in quite a while. It also revitalized the powerscroll economy by making it so there was increased demand for pet-related powerscrolls.

Unfortunately, most of it is wasted due to issues that were never fixed. Off the top of my head:
  1. Cold wind is useless, as are most of the pure aoe damage abilities since they are so freaking weak
  2. Chiv/AI is really the only pet type that's worth it in pve since all the abilities seem to work and it's a cheap template to do. 
  3. Bushido pets freaking honorable execution enemies and destroy their resistances. This ability should be straight up turned off for pets it only ever hurts them. 
  4. Necromage pet? HAHAHAHA the cost is SO absurd that any necromage pet you mage is going to take some very heavy hits to stats. But the chiv / ai pets are cheap as dirt and way more effective.
  5. Ninjitsu straight up doesn't work for most abilities
  6. ...
Anyway anyone here could add to that list easy. The things I think a patch should do would be:
  1. Turn off abilities or spells like honorable execution or magic reflection. Basically, any abilities which harm pets instead of help them or are dumb for a pet to be using like the mage mastery ability energy beam that just gets immediately canceled cuz the pet gets hit. (Maybe only let it use it if its commanded to stay?)
  2. Fix abilities that are severely underpowered or don't work. They dont have to be the same thing the monster versions get.  This isn't asking for a painstaking balance pass, just fix those that are obviously broken, I'm sure Broadsword collects data. Which abilities do players NEVER choose?
  3. Fix point cost for necromage creatures.
  4. Fix bushido and ninjitsu to actually do something. 

It's just such a great system that never got the fixes it needs. It would be nice if it wasn't so busted.

BTW I'm totally willing to trade updates to krampus and artisan fest and Halloween begging items next year for these changes lol.

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