Bugs/issues with masteries of peacemaking

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Hail to thee;
I use peacemaking(battery) masteries so not sure if it is affecting the others as well. This issue is with the classic client the secondary bar that shows active buffs/debuffs, will stop showing active masteries buff 
1) after turning off a second mastery
2) when hit by “boss” attacks, like knockback, or paralyze
3) sometimes using teleport while taking damage. 

Sometimes you can close the bar and reopen it, but usually kyon have too turn off the skill and back on for it too show. 


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    “You’re sure the effects of the buff are still working when the buff disappears?”
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  • A few notes:
    • There is usually a message in the chat/system window indicating the mastery stops.  Is that happening?
    • If you take approx 30 damage, the bard masteries get interrupted.
    • If you run out of mana, and cannot sustain the mastery, the mastery stops.
    • If you go through gates and other transitions similar, your stats get reset to baseline (equivalent to no equipment bonuses) briefly, which for many characters means your mana / stamina / etc may be temporarily reduced.
    • Unrelated to peacemaking, the discord mastery is an odd duck:  it only runs a specific number of "turns" before terminating.  This should really be changed to be consistent with the other bard masteries and the magery death ray.
    Assuming it's covered by the above, broadsword QA should close this thread "Not a bug".

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    Still not working if we can't get fix or even acknowledgement can we just trade in for our reward pick...
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