Any good reason to GM lockpicking

My treasure hunter can solo now both hoard and trove chests.  In the past he used master skeleton keys to open them but finally bit the bullet and have had him learn lockpicking.  When he reached the low 90’s he started opening hoard chests, I think based on what I read he could also have done trove chests at this level.  He is now at 95 and just to make sure he could I had him do a trove.  It takes generally less than a minute to open either level chest so I have to ask if there is any benefit from GM lockpicking.
Also, he gets no gains from doing these chests.  Is that normal?  He gains in skill usually right away when he goes to the prison in Yew.  He has only picked maybe 6 to 8 hoard chests but would have expected him to have gained skill at least on one of the chests.


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    At GM they still fail on paragon chests a bunch of times and then open them.  If you can open what you need, then no reason  to get more.
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    Agree with your answer.  Really just wondered if any task in the game requires a gm lock picker.  Thanks.
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    Because my ocd demands it ?
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    McDougle said:
    Because my ocd demands it ?
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  • McDougle said:
    Because my ocd demands it ?
    This is why I did it. So much easier now, plus I was already at 92, after 20 years! 
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    McDougle said:
    Because my ocd demands it ?
    McDougle said:
    Because my ocd demands it ?
    Haaa–haaaaa! My OCD demands it. I love that.
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