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“I personally don’t mind that people are using unofficial client with so many scripts running, I’m sure many they deem as essential and it’s none of my business how others want to play/automate the game but some people are running too many scripts that it lags me on official client when they are on screen.

it’s possible to place an inbuilt cap on the number of scripts people can run at a time?

I am not yet suggesting what the cap on #of scripts should be before I receive so much backlash, just a reasonable amount that doesn’t lag others I think is fair.

Also some scripts like bag ball dropping I think should be outright disabled as official client users cannot run the counter ‘clearing the way’ script, I do not feel I should have to download third party software to counter another player’s script”
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    How about zero?
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    Might we assume you're paging on these script runnin haxxors including your "friends " or guildmates you might or might not know about running unapproved programs?? Why I'd think you'd be so busy paging you'd have time for nothing else 
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    Considering that the OP is part of the guild PVP, this is pretty laughable.
    Should I just upload the "suite" of scripts that your guild leader has made mandatory for all players in your guild?

    Back to reality though, if it were possible for the devs to have any form of control over what people run, I'm pretty sure the amount of scripts that would be allowed would be zero. Then again this is the same game who  used to perma ban people who would modify the original client and hotfix problematic client issues, then turned around and released a completely open sourced client with the intention of allowing players to modify at will. But either way the point still stands, there wouldn't be any allowed if that were a possibility.

    What the devs should do however is something I've repeated multiple times already, they should reach out to the people developing third party client launchers, or at the very least the ones who created the ClassicUO client (because tbh that client is what the enhanced client SHOULD have looked like, without a lot of the scripting functionality and the automation that brought with it) and work together to develop a negotiations feature/handshake protocol that can actually give the devs real control over what those clients can do, and eliminate the grossly abused functions that plague what is left of this game's PvP side.

    At the very least it would be nice to see something substantial added to the approved third party programs list from this decade, and not just another new mapping program (because we need a sixth one, right?)

    Anyways, I'm gonna go ahead and stop writing since Petra is just going to delete this post and lock this thread anyways.

    Breath some life into this game in a way that actually matters, please.
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