Why can't we fill Large BODs by clicking on BOD books?

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This would save an insane amount of time filling large amounts of BODs.

This entire system is extremely bloated and time consuming.

What am I missing?

Is there a faster way to cycle through BODs and fill them than rotating hundreds of BODs in and out of your back pack 1 at a time?


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    Unless you only have those bods you want filled in a separate BOD book then the system will need to search every bod in that book to see where the items you just made fit.  If you have more than one BOD of the same type you could easily partially fill each BOD or you could fill a Norm with Exp made items and not the Exp BOD you wanted filled.  Taking the BOD out of the BOD Book ensures that you are filling the exact BOD you want filled. 
    You should have been around when you had to add every item to a BOD one at a time.  BODs have always been time consuming I use to use UOA and still have a macro for every Smith/Tailor BOD to make and fill 10/15/20 Norm/Exp Iron dagger has a total of 6 different BODs.  Thanks to the DEVS we can now make more than one item at a time and fill BODs much more quickly by targeting the bag that they are in.  Make 20 items one at a time then double click the BOD and target the items 20 different times if you think BODs are time consuming now think about when they first came out and lets not forget the Bribe system for BODs, we use to swap BODs with other collectors just to fill one LBOD and you waited FOREVER to fill that OMG Val 20Exp Plate LBOD, now we just bribe them up.
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    I will again suggest a bod filling machine toss in required materials and bods hit complete..
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    McDougle said:
    I will again suggest a bod filling machine toss in required materials and bods hit complete..
    This would be a Blessing come true and, actually, the Developers could Design it as 25th Veteran Reward for next Year.... can be claimed only by 25 Years active account age, but any active age account can use....

    We have been having, snce 15th Year Veteran Rewards, a Reward only claimable by that Year every 5 Years, on the 15th and on the 20th.... so, now it is the turn of the 25th Veterans Rewards to have something that only that Year can claim, but all Years can use.

    Hopefully it will not be yet another useless Mount but, rather, something of a practical use such as this BOD filling machine.... or something else, but still of a practical, tangible use....
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    McDougle said:
    I will again suggest a bod filling machine toss in required materials and bods hit complete..
    That would work as long as they were the same BODs, it would save time.  What would also be VERY HELPFUL would be ASH Sewing Kits.  Tailor/Smith are the only crafters that even with a 30% Exp Tally and 120 skill can still fail EXP, Smith ASH takes care of that but we really need a Tailor ATK (Ancient Tailor Kit)
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