Zento Gate House and Stuff

TyrathTyrath Posts: 542
 Have everything kind of almost not really set bakk up on Origin :)

 Then Zento Gate House has its Public House tiles back up and the resource/training houses are all back.
  As a general Rule the Tram Castles and Keeps are public  and the Fel Castles and Keeps are Private... for obvious reasons LOL.  The Resource and Training house section is all open to the public or should be.   The Hag Houses are also both public.
 Public Davies and Get Around and the tiles and Runes upstairs all all over the world.  Will get the Rune Library set back up when I find the three chest that have the Rune Library in them.

  If I get your bones, they will be in the plain bones around the Ankh Of Sacrifice in the Vesper Cemetery House. The house is inside the Vesper Cem in a relatively safe spot
 Brit Cemetery House is on the North Side of the Cem.
Yew Cemetery House is Right in front of the Cemetery. Could not see the point of placing Moonglow or Cove Cem houses this year but will get some runes down for them and others.

  Enjoy the public houses or not :)  And have fun!


  • TyrathTyrath Posts: 542
    And I forgot :)  As I am sorting through all of the crap I transferred back to Origin.... I am throwing stuff I don't want, need or feel like messing with in the Free Stuff Chest on the Porch Steps.

  • NorryNorry Posts: 522
    Did you leave napa, or are you operating on both shards? Either way, thanks for setting stuff like this up.
  • TyrathTyrath Posts: 542
    Norry said:
    Did you leave napa, or are you operating on both shards? Either way, thanks for setting stuff like this up.

     I still have the Wolf Houses On Napa, Pac, Chessy and GL and a Zento Dock House on Legends. But yes I have pulled everything else back to Origin.  Have some personal issues come up that caused it to make sense to pull it back to Origin and unsub a lot of accts.  The only reason I left the wolfhouses on the other shards is because so many folks use them :)  And  Your Welcome LOL the cem houses are fun the Vesper one most of all.

      Will run through all my usual Halloween bone characters over and over throughout the events so anyone that wants their X Wife's Bones or Santa Claus's Bone should have a shot at them and many more :)

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