Public Davies Locker

VynVyn Posts: 4
I'm a returning player, so I'm unsure if anyone else has a public Davies Locker or not, but I thought I'd share mine in case anyone else would like to use it. It's outside west Umbra, 3rd house on the right, named "Ravenspire".

I'm hoping to add a book and rune library later, but it's taking me some time. When that's done later, I'll post on the forums again. In the meantime if anyone knows of any libraries, museums, active vendors, etc please let me know :) I've put the runes of the few I know about on the runic atlas near the front steps of my home. 


  • TimTim Posts: 799
    edited September 2021
    Welcome Back
    Feel free to give a call on "General" chat if you need a hand with anything.

    Usually on as Al Revelstoke
  • VynVyn Posts: 4
    Thanks Tim :) 
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