"Justice Darkened"

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“Justice Darkened"

King Blackthorn pondered his next few moves as he concentrated on the chessmen in front of him. Across an iron gate sat the prisoner on the floor of his cell, also pondering his next moves. Reluctantly,King Blackthorn decided to move his knight and take his opponent’s pawn. As he looked up, his eyes met the gaze of the prisoner.

“I really wish you had been more forthcoming with the knowledge we need to stop this beast, Anumi.”

Anumi smirked as he moved one of his pawns and took Blackthorn’s knight. He then replied:

“But you already have everything you need. Everything.”

Anumi sat back slightly and continued:

“The Tomes are the three keys to his cell.”

King Blackthorn glared at Anumi for a moment and replied:

“The Tome from the Sultan of Old, the writings are very odd indeed. Several pages are missing as well, perhaps you had something to do with that?”

Anumi chuckled softly and spoke:

“The Tome Written in the Language of the Wisps, that is the key to fully understanding it. As for the missing pages? Well, I can assure you that they were already missing before I got my hands on that Tome. Seems the Sultan had removed and hidden them inside the palace.”

King Blackthorn pondered for a few minutes while staring at the chessboard. He then moved his rook to take a pawn from Anumi.

“You had disappeared for several months, allegedly studying these Tomes. Unfortunately, Britannia does not have several months to wait for me to study them. Muspelheim continues his assault on the shrines. I fear it will only be a matter of time before he reaches the mainland. Again, I ask of you to share anything you may know that can help us stop him.”

Anumi chuckled as he took a sip of water from a rather dirty mug. He then moved his pawn to take King Blackthorn’s rook.

“You should have never ended your pursuit of us. What makes you think someone else won’t just take up my position after you kill me?” Inquired Anumi. King Blackthorn replied:

“Your cult was all but defeated and your leader imprisoned. You were powerless, weak and in hiding. I simply could not keep expending the forces to hunt down your last remnants. In hindsight, I should not have stopped until you were all brought to justice.” Replied Blackthorn as he moved his queen to take Anumi’s bishop. He then continued:

“What was your ultimate goal awakening the demon? Did you think he would help you? Ally with you?”

Anumi stood up inside his cell and stretched for a few moments before sitting back down. He then replied:

“In exchange for his… freedom from imprisonment, I was hoping to learn more of the old and pagan magics lost to time that he may still harbor knowledge of. An entity as powerful as he is, locked away since before the Great Cataclysm, Muspelheim should definitely have some of this knowledge.”

“And you thought he would just share this with you?” Inquired King Blackthorn as he chuckled. He then continued:

“What of the countless wisps you and your people murdered? Why hunt down the wisps?”

“The dark wisps asked it of me, in exchange for their protection. It seems the energies of the three Tomes, when they are together draw the attention of the wisps. I find it odd how the dark wisps appeared around me, but the light wisps around you.” Replied Anumi.

King Blackthorn sat back in his chair and pondered for a few moments before speaking:

“The wisps see all. The knowledge they possess rivals everything even the most learned scholar can learn in a lifetime. Perhaps they can see your path of the Virtues? Or lack thereof?”

Anumi thought for a few moments before a sly smirk came across his face. He then moved his king to take Blackthorn’s queen.

“The wisps were the ones that created the Tomes and imprisoned Muspelheim ages ago. Even with all of their knowledge and power, they were not able to defeat him. You honestly think your soldiers and citizens can stop him?” Inquired Anumi.

King Blackthorn studied the chessboard for a few moments before moving his king piece. He then replied:

“The wisps have agreed to help me; To help Britannia once again imprison the vile demon. Unfortunately, as I have mentioned, my knowledge of the Tomes is lacking to attempt the ritual to imprison him.”

Anumi pushed aside his now empty mug of water and moved his knight to take a pawn from Blackthorn. He then sat back and pondered how he could win the match with a few more moves. Blackthorn raised an eyebrow as Anumi spoke:

“As I have mentioned as well, you already have everything you could possibly need to stop him.”

King Blackthorn shook his head as he moved his rook to put Anumi’s king in check.

“Check.” Said King Blackthorn. Anumi smiled as he moved his knight to take the rook. Blackthorn took a sip of wine from the goblet that was next to him and then moved his bishop to take Anumi’s king.

“Checkmate.” Said King Blackthorn as he smirked at the look of defeat on Anumi’s face. Anumi stared at the chessboard, contemplating the last few moves and begrudgingly accepted defeat. He then motioned for King Blackthorn to lean in a bit closer, as if to share a secret. He then whispered:

“Povras Sibrum. He is your missing chess piece.”

King Blackthorn slowly sat back in his chair as he thought about Povras and his involvement with the Temple of Muspelheim. Before Blackthorn could inquire, Anumi continued:

“As long as Povras remains alive, so does Muspelheim. It involves the curse on his temple… The rest of Povras’s crew all died of the blight that was released. I think you know what you have to do.”

A look of concern came across Blackthorn’s face as he recalled the vile lich Toxul and the curse that sealed the tomb. He also recalled a passage in the Tome of Light that he had never fully understood.

“Ye who awaken, ye who disturb, shall be cursed to the inferno.” Said Anumi as if reading King Blackthorn’s mind. King Blackthorn stared at Anumi for a few seconds before abruptly standing up. He motioned for the two guards in the room to prepare Anumi for transport to Trinsic.

“The people of Britannia will have their justice for your crimes.” Said King Blackthorn as the guards led Anumi out of his cell and down the prison corridors…

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