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Places you in a defensive stance of confidence, allowing you to gain stamina and health each time you parry. Each successful parry will heal you 1 to (Bushido / 12) hit points, and refresh your stamina for 1 to (Bushido / 5).
In addition the Confidence ability also greatly increases your regeneration rate for 4 seconds when you activate it. The regeneration is stopped if you are hit during that 4 seconds, but regeneration works through poison (however, damage from poison will interrupt). In total it heals (Bushido * Bushido) / 576 + 15 hit points. Cancels out an active Evasion spell.

"It seems that if your confidence gets interupted by damage, and you attempt to recast the spell, if you recast within around 3 seconds of the interrupt, the spell will cast but you will be unable to regen hit points, and any subsequent cast will also be blocked from regenerating hit points- even after the 3 seconds has passed.

(did make a video if necessary and can post if having trouble reproducing)

This may be working as intended, if so wiki needs to be updated but it's a bit of a strange one I doubt it is working as intended,
perhaps you're not meant to be able to recast for 3 seconds after having confidence interrupted - but then you should simply receive a message saying so, not have it cast the spell and not do anything and then still not do anyting after subsequent casts even after 3 seconds..

If you do wait around 3 seconds after the interrupt then recast, the hit point regen works"

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    This was intentionally done to prevent people from spamming confidence to keep it up when it gets broken with damage. You are effectively prolonging the broken confidence by attempting to spam it and as such, should strive to control your character better in the future. Alternatively if that is not an option, there is the bushido mastery.

    I suggest testing the actual mechanic out in a sheep's pen with 9 small animals attacking you and a weapon you don't have skill gained in, and seeing how the mechanic of the skill actually works. Each successful parry you perform will heal you while the buff is active, which again is how the mechanic was intended to work.
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    “Yes at the moment I count a few seconds after interrupt, I suspected for the same reason you gave that would be intentional, but if you’re too impatient (and recast too soon), you prolong the delay, I’m sure the prolonging part is not intentional,
    also, should really receive a system message instead of it cast the spell and have only half of the spell work.

    I’m sure there are many stupid people like me who are casting and casting the spell scratching their head wondering why it’s not regenerating hp (did it 8 times in the field once) 

    in the mean time @Mariah please add wiki instructions on how to deal with interrupt.

    (I do run bush mastery but it’s still possible for interrupt)”
    Posts on this account have been pre filtered from personal comment or opinion in an effort to suppress conservative views in order to protect the reader.
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    You are extending the buff that already exists, with it's mechanics inherited. You can see it in your buff window. So yes, that's how it's intended to work. If it were to RESET the buff everytime you cast it instead, then it would be no different than the bushido mastery confidence.

    It's pretty simple to understand after the first time it happens, and reading the tooltip about it. Furthermore we shouldn't have an uninterruptible super heal that can be cast on the run.
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