Pet new skin suggestion @kyronix @Mesanna

@Kyronix and @Mesanna

Just a suggestion and maybe this will open your mind for grabbing more sales. Dont take me wrong, I love the idea of pet skin but you are losing so much sales because you only giving the skin to Tamers and not only that to Cu's only. so the suggestion is:
Dont limit the skin to tamers only, dont limit the skin to Cu's only. Why not allow us to use the skin on any mount? Lhamas and horses that we bought from a NPC, VVV Horses and Ostards, I believe a lot more people would buy them.


  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,525

    • Costumes are pet-specific and must be applied to the corresponding pet breed and can be applied to any color corresponding pet.
      (from patch notes)


      I am thinking that they will create more for other "pet breed"
      ones I suggest 

      beetles (someone suggested a ladybug) love this idea

      swamp dragon ( I suggest a smaller version)
         (or give us an egg on their corpses, so they can hatch as a smaller mount)

      horses (give us a costume that adds a saddle to our pet)
      (would love to have that on a palimino or any nightmare)
      which gives me an idea, we need cowboy boots with spurs
  • Could add Horse Barding to the game, which functions the same as Dragon Barding Deeds for Swampies. Or just allow us to cosmetically change the appearance of a Swamp Dragon into an armored Horse. Charger of the Fallen is an armored horse, yet acts as an Ethereal so no damage reduction bonus :(
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